The Felonious PhD.

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Coming Soon 1/1/2018………The Happy Place Blog: Moving from Pain to Purpose.

on December 5, 2017



The Happy Place blog and blog talk platforms are created to uplift the mind and the heart of individuals.  Ones “happy place” is a conscious state that doesn’t require a structural or physical space, to validate the peace and joy that is internally radiating through the body, mind and soul-it’s an act of mindfulness, and a desire to move out of the ego’s drama into self-love.  The Happy Place is designed to encourage and enhance one’s ability to exude love. confidence and leadership, in a world of contentiousness, despair and pain.  It is meant to assist with moving from Pain to Purpose and embrace the opportunity to transform Resilience to Brilliance.

Stay Tuned for a Phenomenal 2018!


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