The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian

About Blog

The blog will have 1-2 posts monthly that will be maintained by family and friends. The purpose of the blog is to give others access to how I am doing and what is going on with my life over the next 22-28 months. It is not a means to demean, question or discredit the legal process. I have spent over three years doing that. It will serve as a way to work on personal, emotional and spiritual growth. As well as provide a forum for me to display my wonderful ability to LAUGH OUT LOUD, at life circumstances

Thanks for your support. I love you all!!!

The Felonious PhD.

10 responses to “About Blog

  1. Kim jones says:

    You are amazing! Love you!!

  2. Christy Shaw says:

    I love how you continue to teach me to go above and take a negative situation and make it a learning one! Proud to know you woman!!!

  3. Adrian Grace says:

    Lovely Lady! Im Going To Miss You Mom.

  4. Susan Chandler says:

    We love you here on McCloud, dear friend.

  5. Latonya Little says:

    Love you sissy

  6. Ryan says:

    You take care and be strong.u know my number call me.775-815-6591
    It was a honor knowing you.

  7. Latonya Little says:

    You got this sissy we love you see you soon

  8. Cherlanda says:

    Sending many blessings and much love!! Always in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Motivation to so many your a shaper and molder……We would like to interview you at some point…..

  10. Daniela Jacinto says:

    Its insane to read all these new experiences you are going through… knowing well enough you shouldn’t be. But your the wises person I know and being able to see your around is what keeps this stubborn hard headed daughter of yours going everyday. I miss you terribly mom. We all love you so much and can’t wait til your with us again. LOOVVEE YYOOUU!!!!!

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