The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian



October 20, 2013

BLACK BUTTERFLY BLUES is a story of transformation and achievement… Imani Justice a teenager and gifted young lady, struggles to remain uplifted as she tries to reconcile with accounts of abandonment issues and trials of living in E.P.A.- an urban city located in Northern California.  When she was placed under the custody of her maternal grandparents, layers of her tough exterior reveals her deepest fears and she began to accept her childhood as fuel to her ultimate success in life.  While her respite is also a profound love for basketball, academics and her two best friends, Val and Stacey, Imani ultimately learns to accept her tragic beginnings and allows for her innate resilience to take her to a place of triumph.

October 3, 2013

The Secrets of My Soul
My Soul has always desired a real
Just a slight chance……..
To love
Oh and be loved.
The depth of my soul
Requires a lot of attention
I know it is true
I know it is a fact
No I am not hard to LOVE
My soul demands
The sort of energy
Can either drive you to 
Search for your own
True, blue, energy
To enhance your own 
My soul is not an
One dimensional
Space of warmth
As long as I am
In this body
This form
State of being
I will forever 
My favorite
Way to 
The Felonious PhD. 2013

September 27. 2013

Prisons (Minds)

Prisons exists in the mind
Sinking, swiftly, seriously surrendering
The possibilities of being human.
Seeking, searching, sitting still trying 
To examine ad exhaust all
The information situated inside
The big box inside your head
Prisons are not being staffed by
miseducated, misinformed
Micro intellectuals who
Work for dollars
Sliding, slipping, sleeping in someone elses dream.
No prisons are not controlled by
Capitalist, racist, super political congregations
That create the laws.
Prisons are internal, intrinsically, in control by individuals
Increasingly, relinquishing their own power
Unlock your own shackles
Then you will
The Felonious PhD- 2006

September 26, 2013


Often pain, sadness and negativity exists in our minds

Created by our past experiences

Remaining shackled by our own negative thoughts

Making it impossible for us to acknowledge

Or create the possibility of a silver lining

Giving way to the bleak, black, weary clouds

That linger overhead and pose as darkness

When in reality they provide a chance for a new beginning

AFter the rain thunder and lightning

We are graced with the presence

Of a shiny, colorful, bright rainbow

We selfishly honor the rainbow the most

Because it requires from us the least

Instead of being comfortable  with going with the flow

getting a little wet or just staying inside.

Our mind gives the rainbow the power to help us breathe

Because of its external beauty

we don’t accept the rain

The same

The rain, thunder, and weary dark clouds are constant

Teammates with the beautiful, magnificent, rainbows in life

Honoring and believing in the possibilities of both

That is how your life will be fuller than most

Having the power and presence to be open to all of the gifts

That life will provide

That is what keeps a person

Whole, peaceful, centered and


The Felonious Phd

September 19, 2013


I live for now, I mean I am always
Aware and planning for tomorrow
Tomorrow always leaves a possibility
Of making things better than they are now

When I dream I dream of now
Revisiting moments that made me laugh
Or forced me to cry
The now moments that leave a lasting
Imprint in your mind.

When I dream of tomorrow
I feel like I am floating
Floating on top a thick, pillow, soft blue cloud
With the biggest smile on my face
Joyful, full of promise. Of possibilities
Of what will be because I have seen it.

When I speak of now I talk about the
Love, intense love I feel and the angst
And pain I go through. And then as I speak
Of tomorrow I cant help but acknowledge the
butterflies that inhabit my body with thoughts
of being home.
Home being a place filled
With love, real love authentic love, honest love!

When I write about now and tomorrow
I see words that show me the way
The way to being complete and
clear about the life I desire, I want, I need.

I will continue to live for now and tomorrow
The real and the promise
The hope and the dream.
Now and tomorrow will always
Motivate ME!!!!

September 2013


2 responses to “Inspiration

  1. mllarose2000 says:

    Your ability to look forward instead of backward is amazing. Most of us become bitter & angry and allow those negative emotions to poison our soul. Thank you for sharing your future with us.

  2. edith says:

    I am perfectly imperfect and i am of total acceptance of myself with all of my faults. I have released all self judgment and any projected judgments of others b/c i am of love. I have chosen to accept everyone for exactly who they show me to be. Ones outer form is only a temporary reflection of what we are within ourselves. We are merely a mirrored image of our core. If we love ourselves unconditionally, others will find their way into your heart. Love with no expectation, no conditions and no restrictions. Love is much more fulfilling when there are no limitations , love u pebbles

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