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  1. K. Austin says:

    Hi Little. This is K. Austin. I was at the camp with you and I have been away from there since January 2015. I wanted you to know that the GG HWH was HORRIBLE. It was an experience all of it’s own. I had to complain several times about the Director who they fired. She was down right evil. There was a persian lady there who ended up being my bunkie. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer upon her stay at the HWH. The Director made it so hard on her. She makes Ms. Lopez look as if she likes us! LOL. Anyhow, I cried a lot when I came home thinking of those I left behind. I also thought that it would be easy when I returned home and it has not been. I stayed the entire time at the HWH so don’t believe it when they say you will leave early. If you go to the South Central HWH or Hollywood location you will be okay, but it will be ghetto fabulous. The accommodations at the GG HWH in OC has the best accommodations but the staff has a lot of Deputy No Badges. You WILL meet a lot of interesting people at the HWH and possible some really nice folks too as I did. You will want to get a job right away at the HWH because EVERYTHING is attached to employment or if you have a disability you will be able to have liberties a lot faster than those that don’t. I am actively seeking employment. I was working in a Sales Position but I swear they were paying me similar to what I was making while at the camp…NOTHING. So, I am not there anymore. My kidos are OKAY. Things are progressing but slowly. Know that I have not forgotten any of you. I just got really scared due to the fact that every HWH has different rules and will write you up for having contact information from anyone. So I will start writing everyone soon. MISS YOU ALL. Also, know that where you are is a break and once you come home, it will be great but all of the important stuff kicks in and there’s no time to take a break.

    • Hi k Austin.
      I have been at the SF halfway house now for a week. I will be writing about it more in the future but this process is incredibly heart wrenching to say the least. I am glad you made it home. Little.

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