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What is Freedom?…2 Days Left!

on April 13, 2018



I always feel free at the ocean.  No, I don’t swim, or surf or anything that entails me getting wet, lol.  At the ocean, I enjoy listening to the powerful waves crash the shore.  I love feeling the ocean breeze pushing against my face and my bald head.  That is when I am reminded, that there is a such thing, as a force of nature.  I respect the power and beauty of the ocean.  At the ocean I am reminded that there are many things that we can not control, but we can and will endure if, and only if, we empower ourselves to tap into the deepest parts of ourselves, the place that harnesses our strength, power and wisdom.  Today, as I am sitting at the ocean, I know that I will never be able to duplicate my yesterday, even the parts that brought me much joy.  However, as I tilt my head back and allow the warmth of sun to grace my face, while witnessing people walk along the shores among the seagulls, at the same time hearing the thunderous sounds of the powerful surfs, I feel free!  I am looking forward to my next.  I am entering it knowing I will forever remain committed to nurturing my own inner peace and joy, first and foremost, always.  Lessons Learned.  Life is good!   Peace.

3 responses to “What is Freedom?…2 Days Left!

  1. Rose M Gordon says:

    Everyday brings something different in our lives. Embrace what’s good for you and let the rest pass you by. Strength

  2. SonniQ says:

    So what has happened to you since April.? Is life being good you?

    • Hello, since April I have moved back to California after being in Reno for nearly 30 years. I needed a fresh start without all of then traumatic memories and daily reminders of all that I had loss. I am working for an agency called Root and Rebound. We do Reentry legal advocacy work. I’m alsondoing a lot of writing and just trying to find my new normal professionally. I soeak
      As much as possible on the topics of prison, Reentry and community. Life is good and getting better each moment I allow it to do so. Thanks so much for asking.

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