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What is Freedom?…..5 more days to go!

on April 10, 2018

I am still trying to formulate my answer to the question of what is freedom? At the same time, everyday, since I heard that my motion for early release from Federal Supervision was approved, I have breathed deeply and thank my ancestors for giving me strength and grace to persevere through this process, whole, sane, and alive. That is the truth. I could never clearly explain how painful and awakening this last eight years of my journey have impacted me as a loving, caring human being. I will never forget my experience as I transformed from a community worker, foster mom, mother, sister, aunt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dr. Little, Partner and Friend, to inmate Little. I will never forget the women who I left behind, in that visceral and evil space, especially, Derian Eidson, Bernice Brown and Lonette Williams. I’m five damn days away from being done, being FREE. And it is no longer about guilt or innocence for me, it’s about what is freedom? Are any of us truly Free? That is the question I am going to continue to explore. I thank all my peeps that stood by me. You know who you are. And for those who doubted me and condemned me, hmmmmmm. That’s all I can say. Life is good and in five days, it will be so much better. I will Rise Up like a phoenix proud, bright and full of life and leaving behind burning ashes. I know no other way to operate.



10 responses to “What is Freedom?…..5 more days to go!

  1. Anna Catalan says:

    Dr. Little,

    I’m still trying to find answers as well. We are moving forward!
    Don’t ever forget all the good you have done for all those that needed it!


  2. Barb branks says:

    Next feat is finding a job. 5 years for me in freedom and no work yet.

    • I know that is the toughest. The collateral damage is exponentially challenging. I have found consultation contracts and I work with an agency that allows me to do de-criminalization work. I have accepted the fact that my professional career will never ever be the same

  3. Hope says:

    So happy that it came thru for you.

  4. Rose M Gordon says:

    As we travel through the labyrinth of life we know not what awaits us but with a Pure Heart full of Faith & Love we will journey to the end of that path to began another. I will continue to travel with you my friend

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