The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian

About Me

     I am a 51 year old black woman and mother who was incarcerated at the Victorville Federal Prison Camp in California.  My investigation by the IRS and Medicaid Fraud Unit  began in 2010 and I was eventually indicted in 2013 on 38 counts of healthcare fraud and money laundering. Throughout the process I was offered several plea deals that creatively encouraged me to accept responsibility for dollar amounts that range from $800,000 to 1 million dollars of fraudulent billing.   For obvious reasons I refused both plea deal offers and was essentially legally forced to plead guilty to the original indictment for 38 counts of fraud and money laundering, which totaled the amount of $82,000. In the end my guilty plea ended in a sentence of 33 month of incarceration in a Federal Prison Camp which I was offered to began on October 14, 2013.  On September 8, 2015 I was released to a halfway house in San Francisco. Although I daily internally debate and critically analyze the extent that the individuals involved in the Criminal Justice System went to indict and imprison me, I remain cognizant that regardless of my own consciousness of truth and how it relates to my indictment, I pleaded guilty. So with a tremendous amount of irreverence in regards to the Federal Criminal Justice Process I assume full responsibility and accountability for not fully understanding and implementing the vague and obscure Medicaid/Medicare policies to ensure that the billing of my agencies services were congruent with the services provided to the youth and families.
    I am wholeheartedly a mother to many foster youth, who I have cared for and supported lovingly throughout my career. I am a stepmother of two adult sons and a mother to my 16 year old son, who is currently being cared for by family and friends. I was a dedicated Child Welfare worker for 27 years prior to my indictment.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice, a Master’s in Social Work and a Doctorate in Counseling Educational Psychology. I am an aspiring, writer and poet.
    During the 27 years I worked in the field of Child Welfare, I was committed to improving the lives of at-risk youth and families in foster care. Throughout this period in my life I made sure to provide inspiration and love to all that walked through my doors. I am intent on remaining truthful and honest about my experience and my belief that no matter what happens to you in your lifetime you can always shoot for the moon and beyond. I will continue to use the trauma, tragedy and challenging periods in my life as pillars to push me up and not allow them to serve a wall or barrier to my remaining loving, productive, peaceful and my soulful self.
    I will forever remain critical of a process that went to extremes to create a narrative about me that did not mirror who I am personally, emotionally and professionally. Through it all I intend to maintain my sense of humor, my colossal courage, my faith, and my ability to manifest my own sacred possibilities no matter what my present circumstances are at the time.  Growing up as a young girl in the inner city of East Palo Alto, California, I never imagined one day obtaining my PhD in Counseling and owning and operating a family business.  Now as a middle aged professional woman and dedicated mother, I never fathomed being indicted, incarcerated and labeled a felon, a fate I have worked my entire life to avoid.  Currently my goal is to find a way to merge the two extreme chapters of my life and create a wonderful, miraculous and inspirational story that will transcend all of my life experiences. I want to encourage those tethered to me to always live life fearlessly.  I want them to know that by utilizing “The Art of Resilience” and the 5 P’s:, purpose, passion, perseverance, possibility and a plan for your life, any and everything is possible in your life.     PEACE!

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