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Justice Reform


Most good change starts at the grassroots level.  If my story, or the stories I’m able to share of the women I’m “camping” with move you, I am going to add links here to other sites and organizations where you can get more information and invest your time and energy to promote awareness and change to our impaired system.

Click on the link below and sign the petition to send a message to congress about unfair sentencing guidelines.  Like them on Facebook and keep spreading the word to increase the awareness about the need for the passage of these bills!



Through Twitter, I found another organization that is fighting the good fight on behalf of incarcerated women.  Please check it out, follow them, spread their name.

Please click on these links to exercise your rights and advocate for sentencing reform.  Each link provides a chance for you to email your support, thoughts, and concerns about mandatory sentencing to your representatives in Congress.

Sign a petition to support HR 1475 which Increases Good Time Credits and Reinstating Parole for Federal Offenders at

Other petitions and letters to your representatives can bet sent through FAMM at:

This is an especially informative site:

Families Against Mandatory Sentencing

Click on the Link to watch Matt Lauer’s Interview with former NYPD Commissioner, who recently finished serving his time in prisonKerik, Out of Prison, Targets Mandatory Minimums

Bernard Kerik has own blog if you’re interested in following him

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  1. scott says:

    She need Help Sherhonda Washington #40160044 will be able to go to a half way house in March 2014 white collar crime can anyone Help me help Sherhonda get restarted

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