The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian

Thru the eyes of a Butterfly!


For years and for centuries we have hidden our pain

Tortured, abused, raped and misused

Our strength transcends and our power transforms

A womanly smile tells all……

An invisible force within a society minus us, has no foundation

Now imprisoned, in a misogynist storm

Disgraced, dehumanized, defeminized in a structurally oppressive–industry

Daily encouraging, empowering and acknowledging each other with

A womanly smile that connects us all….

Our truths, our stories and struggles to maintain our picture perfect lives

Gives strength to our power and passion to look towards our tomorrow

Sitting on pause, existing soulfully and intrinsically on energy of love

Wake up in the morning with nothing to offer, to give, to share but my-

Womanly smile that has the power to heal…….

the felonious phd.

August 2014

The Mindful Inmate


broken hearted



daily counted

but insignificant


in an

inhumane existence

trapped in a viscerally

nonintellectual space

as a thinker

caged not

like a bird

left free to


instead treated

like mice


coerced to feel

privileged to go in

circles on a


day after day

hour after hour

minute after minute

that leads to


The Felonious PhD, June-2014

Dream Killers

I had a dream

One that consisted of

Providing a space a

Place a

Community full

Of love

Free of poverty, pain

And dismay

Supportive of education

High on motivation and

True to the belief

Of allocation of wealth


I had a dream

One that believed in

The power of community

Open to diversity

Free from racism

Sexism, homophobia

And ever ism

Ever created

I had a dream

That every person

Could feel love

Give love and

Achieve because

Of love

Dream Killers

Lost in the clouds

Fighting through the


Creating invisible


Placing limits that cant

Be overcome

Leaving No options

To pursue a

Breath at

Any cost

Overbearing lost

No gain

Weight on the


Sweat, hot

Worn down


After the rain

No rainbow

Just floods

Dream killers

Give no hope!

“The Power of Words”  2013

Words can kill

Yes I know

They say

“sticks & stones

May break my bones

But words….”

I say bull…

I am in prison

Because of words

They were twisted,

Manipulated, translated & transformed

To give a picture

Of someone

Something that do

Not at all

Represent me!

Words are power

Can be put together

To form a sentence

A paragraph

An essay

A book

Words give voices

To the

Voiceless and

Can be used

To save your


Words can enhance

One’s life

Give feeling of life

Moments of peace

Smiles to your face

And a life

Filled with joy

Words can unify

Divide and just plain


People from

Each other

So when you

Find yourself

Ready to speak….

Choose your

Words discerningly

Give them the

Respect they


“I am Alone”

By Nonna Y

I cry, I think

Too painful to see….

Where the mistake of my crime has taken me…

I am alone

Take me to an unfamiliar place

Made of concrete walls

Hundreds of women a place with no bars, only metal doors

That get slammed after count, I want to shout….

I am alone…

I jump, I quiver to the sounds of rattling Keys

Knowing that an officer is coming, but not o make peace…

I cry, I think to what might have been if I didn’t commit the crime that brought me in…

In a prison with concrete walls…

I am alone

I pray to God to please set me free, Free to my family I know who loves me…

But sitting here behind these concrete walls being careful not to fall…

Fall for all the drama that these women bring, alone I sing…

I am alone.

Behind these walls I am careful not to show the other side of me, that the women here don’t know…

I must put on a tough face, so no one will see how much of being down has taken a toll on me…

I am alone..


But soon not for long

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One response to “Thru the eyes of a Butterfly!

  1. Y.Rincon says:

    Thank you for letting us be heard, and thank you for sharing my story and poem. I think about you all, please tell everyone hello for me.. specially Mimi 🙂 Littlejohn,

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