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Happy New Year bye…I will never forget!

on December 31, 2016

It’s TIME! I will move…

Onward but I will never forget. This will be my last diatribe as THE FELONIOUS PHD on my blog page. But, I will never forget how in 2010 the trajectory of my life was changed forever. I will never forget having my office raided and having the news stations outside my building, as my incredible, Ujima family protected me. I will never forget all of my kids and all the lessons learned from them. I will never forget the Medicaid Fraud unit administrator telling me that, “they did not care what happened to the kids”. I will never forget my despair and merging with my shadow self, in an attempt to remain whole, sane and alive. I will never forget all the people who showed me love, as I maneuver through this process. I will never forget my tough, cigarette smoking public defender, who reminded me that the law is not always about the truth and that I can still be of service to young people in a different capacity once I was free. I will never forget, my almost three hour discovery hearing at the Federal Building, and how happy I was to have it over. I will never forget telling my son that he will have everything he needs while I was gone and he replied in tears, “yeah everything except my mom”.   I will never forget. I will never forget my drive with my friend, Rebecca, to the prison camp. I will never forget being so cold in that prison camp building at night and my bunkie taking three days to crotchet me a blanket. I will never forget the nasty, mean and ignorant people who worked within that system or the ones who had good hearts. I will never forget witnessing just how strong and soulful the human spirit of a woman is, no matter what the circumstances are, at the moment. I will never forget leaving and hearing my name called on the loud speaker as I left the camp. I will never forget being sent to the Tenderloin, drug infested and mice and rat infested Geo Group halfway house. I will never forget, finally being free of Bureau of Prisons on March 5 2016. I will never ever forget that. I will never forget the women that are trapped in a cruel and inhumane, structurally oppressed system, ever. There is so much I will not forget, but I will move on. I will now focus on putting it all in writing for my book. Where I go from here, who knows. For once in my life, I have no clue and I don’t care. and even though that make some people uneasy, I am so good with it. I am forever grateful for this WordPress blogging space, it saved my life.   Life is good. Happy New Year. Peace. 

And this part of my journey is over……..feloniousphd 12/31/2016

One response to “Happy New Year bye…I will never forget!

  1. Sending my best wishes to you on your journey onward. I admire your courage, resilience, and deep wisdom.

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