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Two Months today…………Halfway House Journey continues!  

Today marks my second month of being halfway free! No matter how much I complain about the Federal Criminal Justice process I want it to be known that I am intensely thankful to be on this end of the process. My journey in the ‘Halfway Home’ phase has its own challenges and I am readily managing those head on daily as I sit in what I call a ‘gray area. I have labeled it the gray area, because I am still limited in my ability to fully reintegrate into my life because Reno Nevada does not have a half way house.  But at the same time as I sit in the Halfway house in San Francisco I have been fortunate enough to meet and converse with several individuals who have spent their entire lives enduring this process. Their stories and their humble spirits remind me just that I must be thankful because it could have been much worse. Not because I deserved worse but just because I am involved in a system that does not see individuals or mothers or loving caring beings, it is built to make sure it has complete justification for rendering other being as insignificant and has the power to do as it pleases without much accountability. So yes I am thankful for my sentence and I am thankful that my heart is still pure, my spirit is bright and my soul is dancing.

I was truly concerned about having residual effects from being incarcerated and stripped of my freedom, but honesty after being in crazy San Francisco in the heart of the “TL” outside of thinking about some of my friends at the camp, I feel nothing about that place or how trapped I felt at times. So I am thankful I only did two years as opposed to 5 or 10 or more like many of the women I have met. And I am thankful that as my grandmother taught me that ‘I never let evil rule my heart’.

Having daily ongoing contact with my family and friends have help tremendously. Being able to speak to and Face time my son has been a life saver. There is not much that the halfway house can offer me I feel in regards to programming or anything else so honestly I am just being housed. But I would not trade this opportunity to be halfway free for anything. Many women in the camps are concerned about being safe in the halfway house because you are housed with majority men. Well I want to reassure anyone who is coming to the San Francisco halfway house that the men are fine. I have never felt unsafe inside of the halfway house. The young ones as well as the older ones are very respectful and actually they are very good story tellers there are lots of wanna be rappers but for the most part everyone is fine lol.

This part of my journey is not ideal but it is moving fast and I am almost done. Once again I am grateful I as born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment. Whew! Because I have seen some crazy things these last two months in the streets of San Francisco. Lol. I am also grateful that this phase of my journey is nearly over. Life is good. I AM just ready to go home!

The journey continues……………….feloniousphd 11/2015

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