The Felonious PhD.

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He looked like my son, I mean not only because he is black and mine is too, he has an infectious smile that exposed his puffy cheeks and had on his swagged out wear.

He looked like my son, holding his cell phone, snapping a cool, quick selfie, a tall man-ish figure, but still very much a boy, enjoying the freedom of childhood, hanging with friends and maybe being mischievous and somewhat obnoxious because that is what hormonal teenage boys tend to do.

He looked like my son, full of life, promises and possibilities for the future, ready to take on the world and video games too.

He looks like my son, laying on the ground, life seeping out of his not yet developed body, sad, alone, calling for his mommy.

He looked like my son, in a blink of an eye, all things changed, he was once full of hope, promise for tomorrow is now………. gone!

He looked like my son, now he is on trial, being investigated, portrayed as a nuisance, a villain, the system is quick to find a reason outside of themselves………………………instead of being sorry!

He looked like my son, as his parents beg for peace in a non-peaceful situation, being bombarded with the responsibility for keeping civility instead of being given the space to grieve. Why did no one call on them before……………the shooting?

He looked like my son, they are the heroes, strong, resilient the victims in this crime. Now faced with the responsibility of defending their sons and families honor…………………………something is WRONG!!

He looks like my son, as I sit imprisoned by the same system that adheres to accountability of so-called crimes until it is their turn to do the time. I am acutely aware of how helpless we all are in regards to protecting our sons. My heart goes out to the Browns I am connected to their pain. I cry…………internally!

He looks like my son, wanting to remain hopeful when we are all structurally being programmed to FEAR, REVERE, DEMEAN, and MURDER each other, For what? That is the question……………I know that cop feels the same!!!

He looks like my son, once again our Nation is faced with questioning the issues of race, a circular conversation that never goes anyplace except back to where it began. Never seeking deeper and getting to the heart of the matter, surface dialogue that always pits us against each other, as our kids keep dying and someone’s father (cop) is forever changed.

He looks like my son, what happened to conversations and relationships with the community, when cops were your neighbors and did not wear riot gear and AK-47, war type interactions and war type reactions to disobedience.

He looked like my son, and not until we all can see these young men as all of our sons in this wonderfully diverse country and utilize other tactics then one such as these………shoot to kill, stop and frisk, racial profiling and structural oppression, unfortunately he will not be the last.

He looked like my son, He looked like your son, He was all of our son, where has our humanity gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

felonious PhD. 8/14

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