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Ten Year Ban…

I received a notice from the Office of The Inspector general stating that I have been officially excluded from participating in any Federal Health Care programs for a minimum of 10 years.  There are many things that are going through my head as I read and re-read this letter over and over again.  My immediate thoughts, I have to admit, are not pure.  I have already been told that I cannot be a licensed social worker for 5 years, and now I am being told I cannot work in the health-care field for 10 years.  One would think that I murdered a patient, abused a child or some heinous thing of that nature.  But the truth is there was nobody harmed by my actions or my unintentional financial oversight.  Much to the contrary.

The government’s over-zealous, misguided, and unnecessary use of tax payers dollars forced them to formulate a summary to justify trying me for well over three years with the end result being that there was erroneous billing of $82,000.  Which, if I was left to operate and take care of my kids (remember, the kids nobody else wanted or was able to take care of) would have been repaid without all of this chaotic havoc.  But, that just seems to have made too much sense.

As I sit here in the Federal Camp, I want to know, “Why do I have to pay anything back to the government and be jailed also?” As a United States citizen, I can honestly say that being here for 22-28 months should make us even.  I have lost my license, career, home, and the stability of my family.  I feel like the Government truly owes me!  This is overkill.  The crack using politician has not received half of the criticism, legal problems, or persecution that I, as a sober, non-drug user, self-made, law-abiding, loving woman has endured.  Where is the justification for such a biased system.  I wish I could speak to Eric Holder.  I want to see him here at the camp with women who not only look like myself but like all of society, who also want to know what they did so bad to their country to deserve this extreme punishment.

In regards to my 10 year exclusion I say, “Oh well.”  It truly is a loss to the profession and the people I would have served. I am an incredible professional, have facilitated change in hundreds of lives.  There is only one ME!


The T.V. Room….

October 18, 2013-5:25 pm

One week here and I have learned a lot about the culture of camp living.  Not much is different in regards to how things are out in the community.  There are the same racial and ethnic divide issues here as there are anywhere else.  Because of the over-crowding in the camp, the t.v. rooms have been consolidated .  From what I have been told through news, there used to be a room that showed only Spanish channels, another room for just sports and news, and yet another room that typically had BET, Law & Order, or Wendy Williams on.  Now there are only two t.v. rooms and the other room, nicknamed the “fish bowl,” has four women housed in it.

The action in the tv room is ongoing…usually the battle is over which show to watch or where to put your chair.  Yes, it’s serious in there!  For once in my life I do not care to watch t.v.  It happens to be way too political to enjoy.  Whew!  As a result, I am using all of my free time to write and walk in circles on the track….oh, the irony!

The t.v. room requires a level of responsibility that I am not prepared to handle at this time.  So much information in only five days.  I am sure I will have many more lessons over the next 22-28 months.  The fortunate thing is that I am open and prepared mentally and emotionally.

How long do DVR’s store recordings….


A Place to Call Home….

October 18, 2013

Today is Friday.  That, “Hooray, it’s Friday,” mindset doesn’t really hold the same meaning while one is in camp.  Other than they serve us fish for lunch, and if you have a job that pays (near slave wages) you may be off for the weekend.  Today, to keep myself busy in the morning, I helped with waxing the floors in the unit where I stay.  It is incredible to me how women will find a way to make their environment clean and livable.  I say that because I spent the morning putting wax on a concrete floor! Yes, for real!  And I have to admit it does look better!  But, in my mind I was thinking, what the hell?  This is a concrete floor!

Many of the women have been and will be here for a while and for them camp is home.  There are over 300 women here and on each side there are three unit staff members. Also, each side, North and South, have designated leaders in each unit.  Many of the other women don’t like the structure because they feel like no one in the same camp color (green) should be telling them anything.  Well, this structure is familiar to me, mainly because in the college dorms we had Resident Assistants. So I understand the process fully.

I truly admire the dedication these women take to keeping the environment clean.  It is their home and for 22 to 28 months it is mine also.  So, I have no problem mopping or cleaning bathrooms and showers because I love a clean sanitary environment.

Watching a few of the women today made me think about what wonderfully productive people they could be in the community.  Their dedication, tenacity, leadership, and passion for their roles really has me thinking about how they can transfer these fine qualities OUT when they leave here after serving 10-15 years incarcerated.  What are we as a society going to do to help some of these “possibilities” who are living in here at this camp?

I am one who knows my capabilities and have some connections to the outside, yet I will still face challenges.  So, how can we help some of these very capable women, who demonstrate such incredible leadership skills in this micro-community do the same in the real world?

That’s all I was thinking as I was sitting in the library which has an ample supply of  fictional books but extremely limited readings on what to do next.  I did find a book called Beyond Bars written by Jeffrey Ian Ross, PhD and Stephen Richards PhD an ex-con.  Okay,  the one book I’ve found is four years old and written by men (nothing wrong with men, but this is a women’s camp.)  I have yet to see any up to date information for this female population.  There are so many stories to be told on this subject.  I want to find a way to help tell them.  My story is only a small piece of this big, crazy, confused, dysfunctional criminal justice novel.

I need to find a way to make it happen.  Until then, I will just lay low and continue to be my loving, caring self.

Until next time…….


Twenty-One days and Counting!

I woke up today and prepared myself to continue to check off my things to do list before I leave.  I always save going to the storage unit as one of my last tasks or make it one of the first tasks of the week.  I told myself this month that I was only going to deal with disconnecting, packing and preparing physically on the weekdays.  Weekends are for hanging with my son, family and friends.  And time to just sit in a peaceful space.  So the storage unit issue is one that has plagued me for the past three years.  See we had well over 6 group homes, 13 independent living condos, office and once we closed down we had to sell everything and what we did not sell we had to put in two large storage units.  I was so excited when we emptied the last unit a year or so ago.  So now when I return to my own personal unit and see my belonging stack, shoved and placed in a box it usually gets very emotional for me.  But today I had a different reaction.  I remember telling my oldest son when he helped  place the last of my things in the storage, shut the door and placed a lock on it, that I should just sell the whole damn storage unit and start over. lol  Of course, he did not agree with that idea and I get it.  Who wants to replace all of that stuff.  That is the thing though, these days I feel light!!  Yes there are times I miss my things but I have never been connected to stuff.  I feel like I did when I was in college and had to figure out what was next, where will I live and how will it look?  The only good thing is instead of starting over I will be starting in the middle.  I will be ready for next.  So my trip to the storage unit today was a productive one and not sad.  I am thankful for that!