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Chapel Time…

It is only 8:15 am and I have already had breakfast, worked out, and cleaned my area.  On a clear day, I would be outside shooting baskets or going in circles on the track.  But, because it is raining and the unit is packed, actually over packed because of overcrowding, I am seeking some peace and quiet in the chapel.

The chapel area encompasses a small worship area and about eight private rooms.  One of the rooms has a video viewing area that has ten small, flat screen  t.v.s where you can check out and view inspirational movies, spiritual movies, or listen to inspirational cd’s.  For me it serves as a space where I can sit alone, watch a movie, write, and breathe.

I am struck by how almost every person I speak to here at the camp seems to focus their topic of conversations on God.  Now, those who know me understand that I am a spiritually aware individual and i am comfortable with where I am and my growth will always be continuous when it comes to spirituality.  To me, spirituality means love; complete and honest love with all.  And I have that…enough said for now.

So, maybe this is my test in how I want to and desire to live my life.  I want to always be open to loving all, no matter what.  Does that mean I must love those who worship a system that has hurt me to my core?  To answer my own question, I say, yes.  I have to love people like Landon T., and R. Rachow otherwise I am no better than them.  That is no huge spiritual awakening that is taking place here in this sterile space.  That is just who I am as a person.

As I watch these inspirational movies, I am reminded of how the human spirit innately has the capacity to overcome all forms of adversity.  Whether they need the power of God or the positive energy from believing in the spiritual connection that binds us all together, no matter the situation.

Sitting in the chapel, as they call a meeting for the Jehovah Witnesses, and then announce a movie for the Wickens, I say it is all about love and connection.

That is just me, though!

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