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300 Minutes Gone…

October 24, 2013

Okay peeps!  Here is a true depiction of how my life has been managed over the past three years.  My main connection to my friends and family has been through my cell phone.  Truly, I was saved because of my unlimited text and talk plan.  (Shout out to Verizon!) I would call or text those close to me all day and all night……literally!

Here at camp you are only allowed 300 phone minutes per period.  Well mine are all GONE!  Really!!  I have used all 300 minutes in ten days!  The women in the unit looked at me with confused disbelief.  What?  They hadn’t done the same thing?  Almost in chorus the said, “You have not been here two full weeks!”  For once, I had no comeback other than, “You live and you learn.”  Little J chimed in by confessing that she only has 60 minutes left and she is saving them!  I had to laugh out loud!  All I could do was crack up and think, “WOW! This is what I’m stressing over?!”

I am forced to rely solely on email.   What if that is limited too, I wondered!  I was suddenly desperate to know the email limitations, so I quickly went to read the information on the email system, TruLinks, and to my relief, I saw a familiar word…Unlimited!  Yaaay!  It will be all good, and I might survive.

So, my peeps, if you don’t get a phone call from me, you know why.  And also know, I’m good!  You better write and send your email address because I fear this won’t be the last time I run out of minutes!

So thankful for CorrLinks….

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