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A Message from the Federal Prison Camp…….HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

As I siit here at the Federal Prison Camp, on my bunk bed, (OMG!!! lol) I can not help but reflect on all of the men I have in my life. I have been very fortunate, and I know that is a strange statement to make as I sit imprisoned in the Federal Prison System, but it is the truth. I have witnessed my, stepsons, my foster sons, and my nephews and many other young people transition from boyhood, to young adulthood to become the wonderful Men/Fathers that they are today. I have seen them as they struggled to define their manhood in reflection of the women who were in their lives without many male role models or a guidebook as they found their way. I am PROUD! I am proud because I know how challenging it was/is for them as boys to define themselves as Men/Fathers in our Society. As a woman/Mother/Aunt/Friend, I do not think there could ever be any greater joy than to be a part of that process.

     The one thing I know to be true is that, as a woman who has raised many boys, who are now Men/fathers, I want them to be loving, caring souls. I know I can NOT teach them how to be a MAN/Father that is something they have to define on their own. To all of my Foster sons, my Steps sons, my Nephews, I want to say that you have the foundation, it has been laid, you know your truth as a Man/Father and no matter what anyone may say or feel about you the one thing you can do without any constraints is LOVE your children, give them all that you have to give. I am proud of the Men/Fathers I have in my life. I am not just proud of you all today but everyday.

I am thankful for the Men/fathers in life. I love you all!!!! Please have a wonderful Father’s Day and I will see you all soon!!!!!!


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My Own Quietly Explosive Here! (Part 3)…..The Manifestation of the Liberal-Republican-Democrat Agenda: ALL Lives Matter to ME!

As I sit here on pause, “doing time” in a Federal Prison Camp, a warehouse for the politically and financially fueled Prison Industrial Complex, I am acutely aware of how Political agendas have begun formulating prior to the elections. I am also aware of how the agendas are typically developed off the backs of poor, at risk, on the fringes, and presumably helpless American People expense. The current political narrative, which seems to always surface during the election year is, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Why is that our Black Lives Matters most to Politicians, legislator and other community activists during a period when the system requires something of the Black American? We are needed to serve as the scapegoat for all political parties and still our conditions remain the same. BLACK LIVES MATTER IN THE MAINSTREAM DURING ELECTIONS! One side wants to take care of us, the other wants to dehumanize us, and yet another wants to institutionalize us. At some point we have to critically analyze this process and openly and honestly say, wait, OUR LIVES MATTER everyday. I know my life matters every second I can breathe and the same for my sons. Our lives matter not just because of Liberal-Democrat-Republican politics and liberal voices that now want to tell me that my damn life matters! I am speaking as an educated, black, woman, mother and I am boldly telling all that I know, love and am tethered to, that they are not to believe the HYPE! Be critical with your voice and stingy with your votes. Don’t vote by party lines but truly understand how the politics, the politicians and policies affect not only your ability to live but how they truly impact the lives of those you love.

     I am a mother to a teenage black son, two-stepsons who are Native American and Tongan, a mother figure to sons who are Latino, Hispanic, bi-racial, white and other Governmental racially defined categories and I am saying with pride and enthusiastically that their lives matter too. The manifestation of the Political Liberal-Republican-Democrat agendas are to rally and encourage a narrative that is all so familiar and implies that unless we (Black) Americans get out and fight, who we are fighting we are not sure, but we are to believe that our mere survival depends on participating in this us against the Police narrative, which only sets the stage for all parties involved to perish. We have to understand that our struggles are not simply against the Police, but the ongoing historical modality of Systemic Oppression that we keep voluntarily voting for to suppress and oppress us and those we love. That is my long winded way of saying, do not believe the hype!.

We don’t need to march against the police we need to be marching for jobs and a better educational system that is not structured to send people to prison. We don’t need to keep telling ourselves that our lives matter we know that! We need to develop a plan, provide the strategies and act to empower the young people in our communities to care for themselves and their families, without the constant internal question of their worth. We need to close prisons and juvenile detention centers and open up more boys and girls clubs, job training facilities, community centers, recreational centers, creative arts spaces. With all of the money in America today how can we just continue to accept the fact that poverty continues to exist, we can fix this! We don’t need to march to remind ourselves that we matter, we need to march to Venture Capitalist’s and partner with them to create a gateway and pipeline that will enable our youth and communities to become a part of the fiber of future technology. Use our very resilient and creative minds to impact the world instead of having to stress ourselves with how in the hell we are going to eat, sleep and breathe tonight!

I have a plan once I am out of the “belly of the beast” prison. I am once again broke and homeless but I will find a way to positively impact my son’s life, my families life and continue to provide a road map towards self-love, self-worth and self sufficiency! My plan can not be one that supports Liberals-Republicans-Democrats. I am currently banned from participating in any Governmental Healthcare programs for 10-years because I created a program that transformed the conditions of those who needed the assistance, provided for myself and enabled my family to care for themselves. I know first hand that Liberalism-Democratic and Republican politics is all self serving. In being aware of that fact I also know that “Black Lives Matter” only till elections are over. This American narrative is historical and the story never changes, generation after generation we are fighting the same fight. But Dr. Maya Angelou says it clearer than anyone I have heard, “When you know better you do better”. And after having my hard-working, non-felonious, community based, family oriented, educated life impacted by the Prison Industrial Complex and Democratic policies that limit my ability to help those who need it most, I truly “KNOW BETTER NOW”.

All Lives Matters to me and we will forge together and create a way to care for ourselves and those we love. I am so glad I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment in my life. This has been a long hard road and I am not finished yet!

The journey continues…………………………………………………….felonious phd. 4/2015

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