The Felonious PhD.

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From the 👁Y👁S of the butterfly….Strength, Courage and Wisdom!

on April 19, 2016

Tomorrow will be my 52nd birthday, and I will be able to celebrate it as a free woman, well as free as I am going to get!  I can not help but give a shout out to the wonderful, strong and resilient women I met and shared a miserable space with at the Victorville Federal Prison Camp. I never celebrated my birthday at the camp. Many of my friends and I decided that we would surpass the jailhouse pomp and circumstances as our own way of truly saying “fuck the system” lol. Excuse my language but that’s real.  For my birthday I want to give a shout out to my friend,  Derian Eidson and share her story with my blog. Life is good but not perfect, but my grandfather warned me when I was a young girl that it never will be perfect or fair it is just life. Peace!

Derian Eidson

Love you lady and it is going to be alright!.

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