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From the 👁y👁s of the butterfly………One week free, well at least 80% free. I have a wonderful ankle accessory!

on February 13, 2016

I had a wonderful free week at home. Well I am still beholden to the process physically, but to be able to interact face to face with my son is worth it. I have an ankle monitor on and I was trying to figure out what purpose it truly serves, when for the last two and a half years, my only goal has been to return home. lol. And home is where I am so I am not sure what purpose an ankle monitor serves other than another funding source. That was just a thought. I will continue to do whatever it takes because believe it or not I follow rules lol. Each and everyday I gain more insight into why re-entry and recidivism is challenging for most people. I happen to be fortunate because I am able to maneuver through the process critically and I have some supports that makes my re-entry manageable. I still have many limitations and barriers but I will not allow them to limit my possibilities and desires. I will never say it is easy though. Because this has been the most challenging process I have been legally forced to endure and had to consciously place into some form of philosophical proactive practice. I am just fortunate that I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment. Have a wonderful holiday weekend peeps. Life is good. Peace.

The journey continues……….the feloniousphd.

3 responses to “From the 👁y👁s of the butterfly………One week free, well at least 80% free. I have a wonderful ankle accessory!

  1. dayworks7 says:

    Now why is this tracking device necessary?

    Your time has been served but they will always somehow justify the purpose of treating human beings so inhumane.    Let me guess, “this program is so the person doesn’t have to be incarcerated inside the jail”?  Time is being served “freely”.  Well, kinda!

    They will question you as to each place you went irregardless as to the length of time you were there.  You stop at a store for soda and chips and my goodness,  they want to know why.  If you don’t want them too deep into your personal business I would suggest that you refrain from frequenting too many places.  Just keep your tracking information super simple until you have completed the program.

    Keep written documentation with the date, time you left from one destination to the time you arrived, to the time you left that location to the time you arrived back home and the purpose of the visit. Keep tight records and take a copy with you to every weekly check-in;  leave a 2nd copy with someone else at another location.  This is for when they tell you the satellite has you at a location you know damn well you had not been. I’m not sure if it’s the satellite malfunctioning at times or if this is a behavior modification tactic.  To torment you further by claiming that you have violated the rules of this program then threatening to physically reincarcerate you right on the spot.  

    By having tight documentation you can present it immediately so they will understand quite expeditiously,  don’t try it!  Now let us all stick to the script and play fairly until the program has been completed. 

    You may get lucky by being assigned to a deputy that does not have personal internal issues and enjoy flexing or abusing his/her authority.

    As always, take good care of yourself.


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    • It is not necessary at all. The only way Bureau of Prisons will allow you to finish a percentage of your sentence at home. And of course someone is being paid so I am sure that is a big part of it also. I am a non violent compliant citizen. The system does not make sense I have stop trying to understand its purpose and reasoning because it leads me to becoming angry. I document everything and make copies and get verification for where I go. I basically just stay home outside of transporting my son to and from school. It will be removed on March 4th so that will be a great day. Thanks for your comment. Take care. Peace.

  2. I’m glad you are free, even though you have to wear the monitoring system for now. I hope you celebrate on the 4th with a walk in the park and ice cream. 🙂

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