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Ready to get to NEXT………..Re-Entry and Recidivism!

on January 23, 2016

I have spent the past 5 years discussing my frustrations and disheartenment with our US Criminal Justice System and its long arduous, life changing process. As I began my transition out of the incarceration portion of this process, I have consciously decided that I want to focus more on how I will now reach for and achieve my dreams and aspirations despite how detrimental this process has been on me and all that are tethered to me.

As I plan to re-enter my life within the next month from the halfway house in the Tenderloin, I will honestly admit that I have gained a tremendous amount of insight into the issues of recidivism, re entry and trauma. This experience will forever be imprinted on my soul.

I am currently waiting to enter the home confinement phase of this process for the last month of my incarceration. I was eligible for home confinement in November, but because Reno, Nevada does not have a Re entry transitional living center, I could not participate fully in the transitional process as defined and structured by the Bureau of Prisons. My current target date for home confinement from the Tenderloin Halfway House is February 4, 2016. Keep your fingers crossed!.  Nothing is certain in this system, other than your final BOP date. If I am not approved soon to leave on an ankle monitor in February, I will be fully done with my incarceration and the Bureau of Prisons on March 5, 2016.  Yes! So no matter what I am nearly complete with this part of the process.

My experience with maneuvering through the halfway house process has had its challenges for sure. But honestly despite the location and environment of the Center, this phase has provided me with an opportunity to move from the “pause” phase of my life into the I must “get busy” phase. Especially since I have so many professional and social barriers ahead of me. The halfway house setting has not been ideal but it has been beneficial to me emotionally.

I am thankful I am almost home to my teenaged son.  There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in regards to my future and again I am embracing that way of being and just planning to move forward as best as I can.

I am forever grateful that I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment.   And happy this is almost over.  Life is Good.

The journey continues…………..felonious phd 1/2016

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