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One month of being halfway free!!

on October 8, 2015

After having one month of freedom from being physically incarcerated for 23 months and emotionally and legally incarcerated for nearly five years, I have to admit that I feel phenomenal.   I continue to be very frustrated with the legal process and how the system continues to create barriers for success even after being released.   I am going to refrain from discussing the halfway house limitations,  but I will say that even as I sit in the middle of one of the toughest areas in San Francisco,  I feel safe inside of the halfway house.  As a woman that has always been my concern throughout this process.  Mainly because I know I can  manage to get through anything else, but feeling safe is imperative to my well being.   So for that I am thankful.   The halfway house process is similar to every agency or stakeholder involved in benefitting financially from incarcerated souls.  So at this time I won’t be repetitive in my discussions.    Emotionally I have ups and downs because prior to this process I had a purpose and now I sit here as a 51 year old woman trying to embrace all that I have been through in an attempt to clarify or identify my new purpose outside of living peacefully and lovingly.    This process I am sure will be on going and I am fine with that.  Professionally I find myself becoming a bit impatient because I have always been a person who have taken care of herself.   Now I am sitting within a system that truly does not respect or encourage self sufficiency, and that continues to baffle me.    My own consciousness of truth at this point is that I have to continue to surrender.  I must continue is to remain connected and aware and hopeful that eventually everything will be as they should as long as I do my part.     I am forever thankful that I can call my son daily and participate in his academic progress as well as be a part of his daily adolescent challenges.    So happy!!!! As usual I am thankful that I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment.   Life is good.

The journey continues…………..feloniousphd. 10/15

6 responses to “One month of being halfway free!!

  1. Lori Martin says:

    I appreciate your courage in writing this blog. It has helped knowing we are not alone. My mother in law is in a similar crazy, unjust, place. Oddly through the appeal process 40 of her 43 charges were vacated after serving 2 years…and they called for her immediate release but the government has blocked it twice. So we just continue to spend money to get her home. The public has NO idea who is really in our prisons. It’s no the people they believe….I could go on and on. But my point was to thank you.

    • Hi Lori
      I completely understand your frustration as you know. Thanks for following the blog and if you ever need to vent you can contact me through my personal email at Hang in there and know that the system moves at its own slow absurd pace and has no regards for anyone trapped within it. We just have to keep ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually peaceful. Take care.

  2. thankful reader says:

    are you able to see your son now? why were you placed in SF after leaving Victorville? Who decides when you go to the halfway house and which one you go to?

    • Hi yes I can have visits now but there is still a big barrier with the distance. Reno Nevada does not have a halfway house and San Francisco is the closest one. So actually I am stuck in the gray area of halfway process. But I would not trade it for the world. I can call him all day and can be involved in his life even if it is by phone. Thanks for the post.

      • Thankful reader says:

        Thank you for all your kind words of wisdom. You have helped me more than you’ll ever know.
        I look forward to reading your updates and following your blog.

        I have also shared your blog with others and told them to read about your journey.
        You are a strong woman. It’s nice to know we can connect as women to get through our struggles and support and uplift one another.

      • For sure. Anytime. I have enclosed my email in contacts if you need any other questions answered.

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