The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian

An Unplanned Journey part 12………………operating in Next!

on September 25, 2015

It has been 16 days since I have left the federal prison camp and entered the halfway house.   First I want to say there is no way to compare being free and to have daily phone contact with my son.  But the halfway house process has been very interesting to say the least.   Let’s just say I understand why the system is over crowded.  I have very limited access to technology so I will continue to write about this process and will post my challenges as well as my successes when I am able.   Life is good and I am excited to be Free!!!  Well halfway free.

The journey continues………………felonious PhD  9/15

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