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An Unplanned Journey Part 11…………What is NEXT?!!!!!!

on August 14, 2015

Today marks the 22nd month of my being an imprisoned soul here at the Victorville, California Federal Prison Camp.  I am also a little over three weeks from being released from the Camp to the next phase of the Criminal Justice process, the Residential Re-entry Center in San Francisco, California.

I am preparing myself mentally to enter into a halfway house environment that is relatively unknown to me.  I am also remaining completely focused on utilizing the residential re-entry phase of my journey to redefine myself professionally, and to secure adequate housing for my son and I.  Transitioning out of the Federal Prison Camp and in the community Residential Re-entry Center will allow me the opportunity to configure a plan to market myself in the Business World.  I am cognitively aware of the fact that I will have to act with a high level of diligence and passion in my quest for employment and financial independence.  This is a critical stage for me since I am 51 years old, have been absent from the working community for two years, was self-employed for many years and now labeled a FELON.

I have to admit that I feel more encouraged about re-entering into the community as a felon in California as opposed to Nevada.  Over the past few months California has proposed and implemented several Criminal Justice reform policies on the state and local levels.  Although, many of those state and local policies will not directly assist me because my charges are on the Federal level, the shift in California’s Criminal Justice paradigm provides me hope for an authentic opportunity for a second chance at success. At this time Nevada is a bit more conservative than California in that respect and I need to be in the best position to succeed.

Currently my immediate goals as I enter into the halfway house are, to work hard to secure adequate employment, ask for a relocation from Nevada, and once I have a foundation, I will transition my son from Nevada to California to live with me.  At that point all of the pieces of my life will finally be in place.  Whew! I know I have to prepare myself to get my hustle on big time (lol).  If for some reason I am not able to remain in California and have to return to Nevada, I will find a way to make that work also. Honestly, I have no choice.  At this time my next is plague with many questions, and uncertainties, but I am remaining mindful that no matter where I live, I am moving forward in this process and getting closer to reunifying with my son and family.  It feels like I have a long road ahead of me, but the urgency of being available to help my son launch productively into college, is my main motivation for success at this time.

I continue to be thankful that I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any and every given moment.  I am grateful that my son has began 11th grade and is prepared, positive, confident and loved, thanks to his wonderful support system.  This phase of the Federal Criminal Justice imprisonment process is nearly over.  I am NOT done yet but I am moving onward.  I am READY!

The journey continues………………………………………felonious phd.  8/2015

One response to “An Unplanned Journey Part 11…………What is NEXT?!!!!!!

  1. Mark says:

    Arizona State University would be a great place for your son to attend Sis!

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