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A Critical Analysis of Re-entry and Recidivism Part 4………………….. I am leaving the Federal Prison Camp!

on August 9, 2015

    The past two weeks have been very challenging emotionally as I anxiously awaited a discharge date from the camp. Being someone who has spent her entire adult life planning for next, the past 5 years of my journey have given me a new perspective on the ideology and practice of the word “surrender”. I told myself as I walked into the Federal Bureau of Prisons Camp doors on October 14, 2013, that I was going to ride this rollercoaster ride and be all of ME at all costs. My main mantra throughout this entire ordeal has been, “I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment”. Honestly, that reminder has been my saving grace and provided me a means to move through this process whole, sane and my loving self.

     My heart jumped last week when my last name was called to come to the Unit Team, over the camp loud speaker. I quickly left my library detail, walking briskly through my daily path, telling myself to breathe. I entered the Secretary’s office he asked for my Camp identification and notified me that I would be leaving the camp on SEPTEMBER 8, 2015! YAY! He also proceeded to inform me that I would be going to the halfway house in San Francisco, California. (huh?!) Although I had heard mention last week that I could end up in San Francisco, I was still sure I was going to Las Vegas, Nevada since I lived in Reno, Nevada. He had me sign my papers for processing and told me that I had 24 hours to let him know how I would be furloughing to the halfway house in San Francisco. He wanted to know if someone would be transporting me or if I would be riding the bus to my destination. I left his office relieved and happy. Finally I was going to be able to get a step closer to getting to my son and my life.

As I re-entered the unit, several of the women stopped me and asked when I would be leaving, because when your name is called to the unit team by the Secretary, it is apparent that you have received your date to leave the camp. They followed that question with asking me where was I going for halfway house? At that moment I realized that I have spent my entire 21 months making plans to re-enter society from Las Vegas, Nevada. I had my mind set on moving to Las Vegas and starting over there with my son. It was just another clear reminder for me that one, I am not in control and two, you can not plan anything within this system. The best mode of operation is to just go with the flow. At this point and time I do not care where they are sending me, I am just happy to move on to the next phase of this process.

So, in 30 days I will be heading to “The Bay”. I have to admit I am a bit elated, not only to be leaving the Federal Prison Camp and heading into the next phase of this long heart wrenching journey, I am happy about going “HOME”. I was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. So like I have said throughout this entire process, “I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment”. Go Figure! lol. San Francisco here I come.

I am thankful that my time is nearly over here at the camp. I am forever grateful for everyone who has supported me and my son throughout this ordeal. I am not finished yet! But I feel PHENOMENAL!

The Journey Continues………………………………………………………..Felonious Ph.D. 48/2015

One response to “A Critical Analysis of Re-entry and Recidivism Part 4………………….. I am leaving the Federal Prison Camp!

  1. mark says:

    How long at the halfway house? I know it would be a huge longshot and one you do not have control over, but on October 13th & 14th the department I work in is hosting a Tunnel of Awareness (similar to Tunnel of Oppression, if you’ve ever seen one of those – not live it, just observe it). Our Womyn’s Coalition is going to host a booth about women’s oppression in the prison system. I’ve talked about you a little bit here and there. Any chance the halfway house would allow you to come be a guest presenter (you could argue that this opportunity is very proactive and really addresses putting your life back together and making a difference for others).
    Love in Christ,
    Brother Mark
    p.s. I’m sure we could foot the flight bill.

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