The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian

The Only Cure for Hate is LOVE!

on June 19, 2015

The only cure for hate is LOVE!

(regarding the South Carolina church massacre and the state of our Nation)

The thought that..

even to even have to fathom that..

the color of my skin

the essence of my being

the spirit of my soulful

black self

stirs such a horrendous

occurrence inside

another soulful being

creating a delusion

an illusion


based irrevocably

on nothing of substance

is truly


an eye opener

forcing me

to stay wide awake

consciously connected and

tethered to the

reality that

I, Me, Myself

Must LOVE More

Guns, the law, criminal justice system

anger, dissonance


does not cure HATE

the only courageous

cure for HATE is

and always will be



The journey continues…………….felonious phd 6/2015

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