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The Absurdity of My Life Part 4………………………………………….. OMG! Another Shade of Green.

on April 21, 2015

Over the past 18 months as I have sat here at the Federal Prison Camp, on many occasions I have just stopped and thought, (WTH?!). Honestly, there is usually an occurrence of ridiculousness happening on a daily basis within the BOP. I am hoping with the influx of Politicians, Police, Teachers and other public service figures, who are unfortunately entering into the “belly of the beast” aka Federal Criminal Justice System more people become tethered to the craziness and gain some insight into the absurdity of this entire life changing process.

Last week, Federal Camp officials informed us that we would be issued another shade of green tee shirt that would accessorize our ugly green uniforms. As if the variety of green we currently have was not enough, we now have a fluorescent, happy, bright green! OMG! the word is that the State of California does not want the toxins from the dying of white tees to the various colors of BOP green to continue to infiltrate the water systems. (Well I’ll be DAMNED! no one cares about the loving, caring souls that are being imprisoned, but we must not dye t-shirts lol). So now we have these bright, light, happy, green tees, it really is quite hilarious. My first question was well do we have to return our pale green, dark green, blue green, grey green, shirts to laundry asap? Because I have literally wore the exact same three tees for my entire incarceration, nearly two years (who cares really?!!). I was told no at this time you do not have to exchange the tees you have for the bright, fluorescent green tees, but that could change at anytime so just be prepared. I have got to the point where I absolutely can not stand the color green. It has truly penetrated my psyche and I am not sure if I will ever be able to see the color green in a positive light ever again. I will have to study that over the next few years, lol. I know it often sounds like I am making this madness up and believe me being that this process nearly took my life, I wish I was being facetious. I honestly would have been pissed off at myself for giving up over this absurdity. It is not worth it. Once you get to this point, just know that it is the easiest most ridiculous part of the entire process. The hard part is over! After you understand the entire process you come to the realization that it is all ridiculous, not about your truth and you find a way to peacefully surrender to the craziness and simply plan for your next. That is the truth!

I am thankful that the “White Collar Woman Fog” has lifted completely and I can see clearly now. Not that being consciously aware and awake makes this easier, I am just glad I am back to ME. I am once again thankful I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment. I am also thankful that I dont have to turn in my other various colors of green for the bright, fluorescent, happy green. It just does not match the occasion or the ugly green uniforms, lol. Whew! Is this real Life?!!!!!!! lol.

The Journey Continues……………………………………….felonious phd. 4/2015

One response to “The Absurdity of My Life Part 4………………………………………….. OMG! Another Shade of Green.

  1. mark says:

    Hope someone is taking great pictures of you Sis. I would love to see you in your many shades (of green). Can’t really picture you in fluorescent, but I’ll try. 😉 Remember, God our Creator made you, special, important, and of value. Live every day as though you were responding with gratitude for how incredibly wonderful God made you, and only you, to be fully you. I KNOW that you are having a continual positive impact on those around you. You matter (especially to me)!
    Love and Blessings,

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