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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! (The big 51, whew!!)……………….A birthday message from the Camp

on April 20, 2015

Yes, today I am 51 years old!. A strange thing for me to truly grasp but it is a fact. Despite the fact that I am sitting in the Federal Prison Camp, a very visceral and irreverent environment, I FEEL GOOD!!! And I look good too (lol). Actually I feel incredible and I am ready for my next chapter and whatever comes with it.

I have chosen not to do anything celebratory in here. Yes I am happy to have lived another wonderful year but I am reserving the pomp and circumstance for when I am home surrounded by those I love and care about. I will, however, take my usual 2 mile walk in circles, round and round and listen to India.Arie’s song “private party” out loud. OMG, I miss my karaoke machine and mic (lol). This will be my last imprisoned birthday and for that I am thankful.
Incredibly, at 51 years old, my journey the past few years has incontrovertibly been challenging to say the least. At the same time it has forced me to clearly define, refine, and renew my own purpose in life. It has also encouraged me to use my strong, powerful, loving, passionate, loving, authentic and consciously aware voice to speak from my own “consciousness of truth” at all cost. Because of my interactions with the Criminal Justice process my life has physically been on “pause” but my soul has continue to blossom, bloom and become a source that will take me to places I have never dreamed I could reach and I am ready! I am ready to live my life “Beyond Resiliency” and revel in its magnificence and simply do ME. I am not finished yet peeps!’
I am forever thankful for being born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment. I am thankful for my mother, father, grandfathers and my very powerful grandmothers who provided me with the inner strength to overcome anything. I am truly thankful that I am almost out of here. OMG!!!! I am over it! That is my real consciousness of truth.

Happy Birthday to me! felonious phd 4/20/2015………………………………………………The journey continues.

4 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! (The big 51, whew!!)……………….A birthday message from the Camp

  1. Mark says:

    Happy Birthday Sis! I Love and Miss YOU! Hopefully, you’ll make time to come to Tempe and get more loving hugs from your Arizona peeps.

  2. Kim Campbell-Lax says:

    Happy Birthday ole lady.!!!!! Campbell-lax

  3. Gary Artis says:

    Hippy Birthday! To You

  4. Jairimi nichols says:

    Happy birthday miss u but will see you soon.

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