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Prison Industrial Complex Part 2…….. “Business is Good!”

on April 14, 2015

Today marks my 18th month of incarceration. Every time I sit still with the reality that I am in a Federal Prison Camp for Healthcare Fraud, Money Laundering and will leave here a felon, I get to the emotional state where I don’t know whether to laugh or scream at the absurdity of it all. It is very difficult for me to clearly explain my disposition in regards to this process without utilizing every curse word in my vocabulary, (lol). So I will just say that over the past 18 months I have grown more and more disheartened, angered, and disgusted with our American Criminal Justice System. I am also aware of the fact that WE (Americans) have to fight for more than just simple reform for Justice but we have to courageously strive towards real bold changes to this broken system. From my vantage point, I know that the task at hand is a very challenging and difficult one for the politicians and legislators to address as they should because of Politics. That level of awareness truly places me in a position of helplessness and forces me to plan to focus my future energies and efforts on assisting those who are about to enter this Criminal Justice System and those who will be exiting this process wounded, depressed and battle worn. And that is my own consciousness of truth!

There are many examples of ridiculousness and pure ignorance that occur within this structure. I have learned that unless people are tethered to the Criminal Justice Process and have a certain level of awareness they do not have a true understanding of what is going on in our American Criminal justice System. American citizens do not fully grasp how this process, as it stands, has and will continue to destroy our communities, families, and our individual lives. Here at the camp there is a Correctional Officer who loves to say to the women, “Business is Good!”. I find it quite disturbing and interesting how callously he allows those words to flow from his lips. He has said it to me once and even though I remind my stubborn, prideful, quick-witted self that it is essential to remain invisible in this setting, once in a while the “death of silence” pokes me hard and I am forced to respond. When that sense of urgency to speak in an attempt to save my soul occurs, I do so from a loving and respectful place! (that is my story and that is how I am going to tell it, lol). My one response to his statement, “Business is Good”, was this simple short reply, “that is the truth, so YOU better be careful!”. I am not sure if the CO truly grasps what he is saying or my reply, because if he had any ability to critically analyze what was going on with the structurally oppressive entity that is today providing him with a means to live, he would not be so selfishly entertained by such demeaning statements, and he would be concerned for his family and his own personal freedom.

The Prison Industrial Complex is a high powered, politically motivated, stakeholder guarded, lobbyist protected, financial entity that has become as untouchable on some levels as the Wall Street Banks. This is an analysis that is rarely discussed as a talking point for Criminal Justice reform. As I sit in “the belly of the beast” and participate in this non-productive, visceral process I have become very mindful and alert to how the current reform mandates for the 20-plus years drug laws are finally providing some relief for many who were incarcerated so unjustly as the Americans supported the so-called “war on drugs”. However, I am not hearing or reading any legislation, political talking points or politicians advocating for “closing prisons”. The lack of discussion of real change and de-carceration efforts have led me to believe that the current efforts at reform is simply leading to a legal way to create a “New Felon” that will occupy the space left void by the drug laws and continue to financially support the Prison Industrial Complex. They do not care who they are getting paid for… remember we really are just a number in this process. I am not Cassandra Little, I am 47078-048.
From my vantage point I have witnessed an influx of “white collar” middle-class Americans enter this system for the broad based obscure laws that are connected to “fraud” and young Hispanic women for obscure immigration and border issues. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am a realist with an acute awareness and connection to reality. I am sitting in this Federal Prison Camp predicting that just as we once were asking “where are all the black men?” because they were trapped in the Criminal Justice System, we will soon be asking “Where are the middle-class, voting, self-employed, free enterprise citizens?”. My answer will be check the prisons and jails!! Over criminalization does not change with reform, it only shifts the blame and moves the dollars to another bureaucratic department. We must defund the Prison Industrial Complex and all of the industries that benefit from its purpose of incarceration and the failure of average citizens. We truly are collateral damage and our communities and families are the ones who lose in the end. Or we can continue to believe the hype and not become conscious, mindful voters who will demand change of the Criminal justice System so that Correctional Officers understand that they are a step away form incarceration and will not be so excited to say “Business is Good!”.
I am thankful my time is winding down at the Federal Prison Camp. It takes a tremendous amount of resilience, intellect and restraint to not just tell some of these folks to “F-off” and to remind them that they could be ME. I will leave here my loving, caring soulful self and live my life to the fullest. I am forever grateful that I was born and raised to be who and where I am at any given moment!!

The journey continues…………………….felonious phd. 4/2015

One response to “Prison Industrial Complex Part 2…….. “Business is Good!”

  1. Gary Artis says:

    I love and miss you much. I would have contacted you
    but my path is also a mess as you know. My Mom is
    mentally absent from her 92 yr old body and my fosterdad
    /uncle died last week. In some ways I feel free in a way I never
    have as I can no longer disappoint anyone. Pat has always
    accepted me for who I am. You are the only other person who
    has. Can’t wait to see you again

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