The Felonious PhD.

White Collar Female PhD. Felon, Prison Camp, Re-Entry, Criminal Justice Reform. Women, Lesbian

an unplanned journey

on March 8, 2015

trusting a process

moving in the moment

no hustle

no bustle

just sitting

in my still

skillfully sitting

and it is surreal!

peaceful and peacefully

moving towards nothing

nothing in particular

particularly embracing

my nothingness

and it is surreal!

sleeping and waking

waking and sleeping

opening of eyes

closing of eyes

in between


silently laying

laying in the wonders

of silence

and it is surreal!

no calendar

no phone

no alarm

or home

home in myself

selfishly finding


in the core

being simple

simply being

in my being


my space

of me

and it is surreal!


no plan

road unseen

in my wildest


no roadmap

no premonition

no time

to resist



this journey

was completely


forever grateful!

felonious ph.d 3/2015

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