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When I Am Free…….

on August 17, 2014

Nothing will be as it was when I return home.  That is very ominous to me when I stop and think about the reality that I am facing.  I am a professional counselor without a license, a foster mom without the ability to foster.  I am a mother without a place to call home.  No matter how many degrees I have, how much I worked in the past, or how much I implored the system to understand the truth, the government and its criminal justice system have stripped me of everything.  I am truly sitting in this prison camp as a number.  I am not even Cassandra Denise Little in their eyes.

After enduring the irreverent treatment, I am then expected to re-enter the community, be productive, pay a fine, and serve 100 volunteer hours.  I truly believe our countrymen have lost their way.  This is absolutely a strategic and legal “public hanging.”  Just kill me, bury me, and call it a day.

Being alone and isolated with all of these truths, and left with my fate, I continue to reach deeper and deeper for hope and internal peace.  The process, this life is just not humane.  I wish someone of power could infiltrate this system on this low-level to gain some rational insight.  The white-collar female is a huge part of the middle class and the backbone of her family.  This process is truly impacting my life as well as many others who have found themselves “stuck” in the Federal system.  Even as I speak on my experience and the circumstances of many women in the system I remain hopeful and I plan to be a voice for those of us who are currently silenced.

This is not a part of my journey that I am passionate about, but it is a part of me that has forced me to see America from a different lens.  I have always been aware and been a fighter; now I completely understand that to get any change to occur, there has to be a movement.  I will be open to participation in real change for my son’s sake.

One response to “When I Am Free…….

  1. Carlnel Wiley says:

    Sis! Stay strong I miss you and can’t wait for you to come home. I miss talking to you. I just miss your face.

    Carlnel Wiley Executive Vice President Player Development & Player Programs Dream Hoops, Inc. 415-722-3739 (cell)


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