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Support Those Doing the Work…..

on June 20, 2014

As the messages from the Felonious PhD are shared, the TAGS that connected to the post are chosen to drive readers to this blog.  However, MORE importantly, the website addresses that are used as tags or linked in the text are there to drive YOU to those websites, where you can get involved in advocating for change.  Please visit frequently to see where the opportunities are for you to contact your representatives. also frequently creates opportunities for correspondence with key players in D.C.  and needs our support.

The Felonious PhD has only been personally swept up into this oppressive and convoluted system fairly recently, but’s fight has been going on for more than two decades.  I believe that Orange is the New Black is doing this country a service by making a REAL and ENORMOUS problem part of mainstream media and entertainment.  The word is getting out and it probably has never been easier to engage those who previously knew nothing of the Prison Machine, and Mandatory Sentencing than now.  But it is easy for people to let it to slip back into the unconscious because it’s not happening to ME!  Let’s not let that happen!  Go to these websites:,, and get involved.  Follow Piper Kerman on Instagram, attend one of her events in your area.  Look for groups in your local area and online who advocate for the families or inmates in your area…..there are many!   Send letters, make calls to representatives, tell your friends to do the same, donate money or time to these organizations if you’re able.

Thank you for your loyalty to this blog and thank you in advance for your loyalty to those whose organizations are often linked here!


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