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Are you Breaking any Federal Laws?…An Over-Criminalized Country…

on March 1, 2014

Over the past four years, I have learned more about our Federal legal system than I would have ever cared to know.  Ironically, as an undergrad, my goal was to become an attorney.  My Bachelors Degree is in criminal justice.  I had aspirations of working within the legal system because, even then, I always saw our system as broken, biased, and elitist.  Unfortunately, I have been placed right in the middle of a structure that I have despised and avoided for my entire life.

Currently, the system I am “stuck” in is over-crowded and fiscally draining resources that could be utilized to better our society.  Our administration is well aware of this crisis and they have been quietly formed an over-criminalization task force. What the hell?  This is occurring because within the United States Penal Code, there are well over 4,000 offenses that carry criminal penalties.  There are also 10,000 to 100,000 federal regulations that can be criminally enforced.  Are YOU breaking a federal law?  Possible one that you don’t even know you’re breaking?  I can guarantee you that if you get on the Government’s radar for ANY reason, they can and WILL find a way to indict you.  I am not writing this to increase fear.  I just think that those of you who are voting members of the United States public should be aware of certain civil liberties we have given away to our government.  I too have to take responsibility for not actively paying attention to how I voted and what I voted for in all elections.

While our news stations are spending time on stories regarding how other countries apply laws, such as Italy, Korea and now Ukraine, we have not heard the discussions going on with our own Attorney General Eric Holder.  We have a major crisis her in our own back yard where we are able to BE the change.  Where are the discussions with Eric Holder.  I wish Mr. Holder would come to the Victorville Federal camp and have a discussion with me, an average, non-violent citizen with no legal history, professionally educated, and hard-working who was made into a felon.  I have a very intriguing story for Mr. Holder.  I will also ask Mr. Holder if he looked at all of the Federal codes and if he has ever inadvertently broken one of those may laws that are able to be LOOSELY applied to anyone caught in a prosecutors self-serving cross-hairs.

I feel like Marvin Gaye and want to ask, “What is going on?”  I am thankful for our strong history because I am always reminded that this too shall pass and that the United States finds ways to correct its mistakes.

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