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Chasing Rainbows…

on February 24, 2014

I am always ecstatic when I hear good, positive, and comforting news from my loved ones.  Being an eternal optimist, I am cognizant of the fact that often when it rains, a rainbow will follow.  so, I am always chasing rainbows.

Recently, I learned that my niece obtained a job that she has been wanting. I phoned my family and my son was being his sarcastic self and harassing everyone around him and being a normal teenager.  One or my younger nieces finally signed up for full-time classes, something that I have pushed her to do FOREVER!  (Good job Unique!)  My baby sister is finally being brave…..making life choices without fear of failure.  Just going for it!  Whew!  Life is good!

ALL I have ever wished and dreamed for when I think about those I love is that they come to recognize, be open to, and take every opportunity to chase their own rainbows.

As I sit in the library today, writing and mindful of the present, I am able to see how many that I love have chased my rainbow with me.  That was a wonderful experience, but there is no fulfillment or joy greater that one can experience than reaching a dream that is your own and is about defining your own purpose.

I am thankful for my ability to chase rainbows.  I am also thankful that those I love are chasing theirs!

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