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State of the Union……Dream Killers

on February 17, 2014

This year I will turn 50 years old.  It gives me chills to see that number written on this paper.  As an adult, I have always been attentive to politics, the rhetoric, as well as the players.  My interests mainly revolve around the political decisions that effected me and the vulnerable population with whom I was working.

Today, as I try to find cause to ask the t.v. queens if they are going to watch the State of the Union address, I overheard many saying that politicians don’t care about us.  Ironically, I have always felt that way.  This is not a new ideology or paradigm for me.  But, I have always lived by the  premise that i would rather be aware of how my “enemy” feels so that I am prepared.  I have felt the same way not matter if there was a Republican or a Democrat in office.  Where are the real leaders?  Where are the Dream believers?

Naturally, the rhetoric is surrounding how the American Dream is a bust!  I am living proof that the American Dream is possible, but is America prepared to allow it to be sustained?  As I sit in prison for a financial crime where I shared my EARNINGS and where there were NO victims, I have to say an emphatic, NO!  For some reason, our government began panicking when the balance of wealth was being achieved and shared.  The distribution of wealth is not a goal for the wealthy, who truly run our Government.  I have witnessed and participated in how sharing wealth can transform lives, communities, and our society.  Even though it was on a small scale that I was able to accomplish it, it was easy to do!

So, what is the real definition of the American Dream?

I think the definition and model of the American Dream needs to be revamped.  To start, we need to reassess how the government distributes money and create policies & laws to get the results they want.  The American Dream for many hard-working Americans is going to continue to be difficult to maintain, achieve, or define.  I have decided that I will not allow the Government the opportunity to tell me what the American Dream is any longer.  The Dream Killers have far too much power and control as it is.  They cannot have control over my dreams, too.  I am starting over.  I am going to dream like I am 05 years old instead of 50 years old.  Things will be less complicated and more fun that way.

As I sit, incarcerated by the Federal Government with many women like myself, I feel angry, frustrated, and disheartened with our country.  Those women who feel that the state of the union address or politicians do not affect us inmates directly, may be right.  Being an eternal optimist, I like to think differently.  Regardless, I know it is an opportune time to be a spectator.  I have to be here anyways, so as the Government pays to take care of all of my basic needs, I will relax and see what direction our nation goes in the next 19 months.

I am thankful for my ability to forgive my country.  Whew!

Dream Killers

I had a dream

One that consisted of

Providing a space a

Place a

Community full

Of love

Free of poverty, pain

And dismay

Supportive of education

High on motivation and

True to the belief

Of allocation of wealth


I had a dream

One that believed in

The power of community

Open to diversity

Free from racism

Sexism, homophobia

And ever ism

Ever created

I had a dream

That every person

Could feel love

Give love and

Achieve because

Of love

Dream Killers

Lost in the clouds

Fighting through the


Creating invisible


Placing limits that can’t

Be overcome

Leaving No options

To pursue a

Breath at

Any cost

Overbearing lost

No gain

Weight on the


Sweat, hot

Worn down


After the rain

No rainbow

Just floods

Dream killers

Give no hope!

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