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Half-Way Home…

on December 29, 2013

Nonna Y is half-way home…..

Today, one of the women who I enjoyed talking to was released to go to a halfway house near her home.  It was my first experience of witnessing and experiencing how it feels to see someone leave.  Several of her friends in here were crying, tears of happiness, I’m sure, but also crying because while we may want to stay in touch with someone with whom a friendship was built, it is not legally allowed while you are incarcerated and/or on probation.

Like I have told several people, enjoy each other’s company while in here because nothing is worth being in violation of the rules that would force a return to this madness.  I know many people would say that will not happen, but I have talked to several people who are here on single violations.  I say nothing is worth losing your freedom over, especially if the rules are clear and spelled out.

So, I had the privilege of saying goodbye to Nonna Y.  I will miss her daily smile and her saying, “Hello, Ms. Little.” I am extremely happy she is half-way home to her family.  I know they are happy to have her closer in proximity and closer to going home for good.

Like anything in this cyclical life, and in our crazy justice system, as Nonny Y walked out the door, today three new women walked in!  When will this end?  When and how will the war against women be changed?  Does the Obama administration understand how convoluted laws and inconsistent, corrupt, and the prejudiced justice system has hit the slippery slope toward mass destruction of the family unit?  Well, he should speak to Nonna Y and find alternative methods and dole out consequences to individuals who are non-violent, first time, low-level offenders.  Maybe people like Nonna Y and I can be given the privilege of having the same breaks as the politicians, bankers, police, and other officials who have unintentionally broken the law.  I’m just saying!

Good luck Nonna Y!  I am so glad you are half-way free!


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