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The Traveling Toilet Paper

on December 23, 2013

I have spent weeks trying to formulate this blog!   I want to find a way to give a clear visual of how we, in the camp, live every day.

Every Sunday or Monday, we are given three or four rolls of toilet paper.  Not two-ply or soft toilet paper; I mean this toilet paper is a step below sand paper.  Whew!  Tough on the butt!!  Anyway, we are rationed out toilet paper for our personal use and it must be carried back and forth be each individual as they need to use the restroom.  Now, the question that I’ve yet to have answered is, “Why don’t we just have toilet paper in the bathroom.?”  Nobody has an answer yet!  We all just conform to the norm and proudly accept our weekly rationed rolls!

A few weeks ago, we were all laughing in the unit because one of the women in the unit, “Nae,” said she went to the restroom and as she was walking out, there were three precious rolls of t.p. sitting on top of the trash can and her first instinct was to grab them!  Just then another woman from the unit saw her and said, “You know you really don’t have to do that.”  We laughed, and laughed at how this environment truly makes one feel in survival mode.  Even when it comes to toilet paper, it’s every woman for herself!  It is so crazy to walk out of the unit with a roll of toilet paper in hand and walk towards another person carrying their own roll.  People in here also have TOILET PAPER PURSES….NO lie!  Honestly, If I had not seen the lovely crocheted toilet paper purse, I would never have believed it!

I have often said that I feel like I have lived many different lives in my short time on this Earth, and this one is proving to be pretty interesting to say the least.  Our government can destroy, diminish, demean, and lie about a lot of things, but the true, honest, raw beauty of the human spirit cannot be deterred even when you are incriminated if you are a peaceful, loving, intelligent, powerful woman and surrounded by such.  We are not meant to survive this kind of treatment, but I know we will.  I am thankful for those women who keep me laughing while we are all trapped here in hell!

3 responses to “The Traveling Toilet Paper

  1. mllarose2000 says:

    Heeheehee! I have a patient who crotchets. You want to have her make u a lil TP purse? Since I know how much you like purses, I can have her make one that looks like a backpack. Nice and rugged. Lol!

    • Dave King says:

      I had a great visit with Sandy on Sat. and am very relieved as to how well she is doing. Her attitude is great and I think we both truly enjoyed the visit.
      For any of you who plan on visiting her I thought I would share what I learned as it took me 3 trips before I finally got in. Here I must also mention that I was on crutches due to having foot surgery the previous week. This made it a very exhausting and frustrating trip but very much worth it after we finally got to visit. Like she had mentioned it is easier for her to walk out than it is for us to get in.
      I arrived about 9:20 after about an hour ten min. drive from Beaumont. As I got to the door they were putting up a sign that read, “visiting is closed for count.” The guard told me that they could not allow anyone else in until about 10:30. At that point I really needed a restroom after the drive so I drove several miles down to Adelanto to a Circle K to use their facility and buy a cup of coffee. I got back about 10:10 and waiting in the car for a few minutes before going up to the door where there were several other people waiting. At about 10:40 they let the line in to be processed. I filled out the form and waited my turn to go to the desk for processing at which time the guard told me that she could not let me in “with those pants on.” I asked why and she said because they are not allowed to let people in wearing khaki pants as that is what the prisoners wear. They were actually light brown Dockers cargo pants that were somewhat faded, but there was no convincing her. I was also wearing an aloha shirt. Anyway, I dejectedly hobbled back to my car (literally) to contemplate my next move. I was going to go back home, but while talking to my wife she convinced me to not give up and go buy some pants at Target or WalMart. I then found a Cosco in Victorville and crutched my through the store where I bought a pair of jeans. While driving back to the Federal Correctional Center I was wondering how I was going to get changed into my new jeans. I decided to park near the edge of the parking lot between two cars and hope that no one would come walking by. That part was good except for the guard who was driving around in the parking lot while I was changing my pants. I knew if he saw me, he would think I was a pervert or something. Luckily he did not notice me and I managed to get into my new jeans in spite of the steering wheel and orthopedic boot the doctor put my foot in. I finally got in a little after 1:00 but they could not find Sandy until after 1:30 as the P.A. system did not operate in the library where she was reading. Someone finally went in there to tell her she had a visitor.
      Well, I guess the moral of all this is either get there at 8:30 or after 10:30 and don’t wear khaki pants. If your on her list, I do encourage you to visit as you will be glad you did.

  2. Kay says:

    Your attitude is so good. I think Id be so depressed
    in that situation

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