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Veggie Patrol

on December 1, 2013

November 18, 2013


Okay, for those who do not know, there was an inmate murdered by another inmate in the United States Penitentiary, Victorville, which surrounds the camp where I am living.  No worries! We are safe as there are barbed, electric fences that are very high and powerful which keep those prisoners in.  That type of violence stays within those walls.

From what I understand, this is not the first incident of that sort here in Victorville.  But I told myself when I arrived here that I would only talk here about what I have witnessed or experienced first hand, so I will stop there.

Where there is an incident in one of the men’s facilities, they are all put on lockdown.  I’m not sure what that entails for them, but it sounds like they are placed in their living quarters and unable to move around the buildings and grounds where they are housed.  What I have learned, though, is that what the men do directly affects what happens here at camp where we “passive, rule abiding” women are housed.  We receive fewer services.  Our staff is sent to assist at the other facilities and we are placed on veggie patrol.

I guess when the men are locked down, meal time, which holds major importance in our routine, is handled differently and the men to not go to the cafeteria and are given pre-made meals.  They big job that we have when this happens is putting bags of Federally regulated veggies together for the men.  Now, I know I see everything from a political point of view, but hell! Women continue to be used and forced to comply even in the worst of times.

The last time this happened, I was told that over 50% of the veggie bags that were prepared were thrown in the trash by the men.  The ironic twist of the story is that we would love some fresh veggies!  Not only do we not have the privilege of getting as much food as the men get,  we are punished if we are caught with an onion.  No lie!  There is so much more to this story that will just have to wait til I am free and able to write it in it entirety.  But for now, until the lockdown for the men is over, we are on call for veggie patrol.  I have never, in my life, been thankful for a fresh crunchy carrot, but I will be after I am done with this place.

I really could use a nice salmon salad right now!

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