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The Full Moon…

on November 29, 2013

I have to begin by saying that I love the moon.  I mean, I love how it looks when it is at its fullest.  Tonight, as I gazed right at it and took a deep breath, the thought that ran through my mind was that no matter where you are or what your situation, some things are still beautiful.  I think after consistently making reference to how wonderful and illuminating the moon is, I have definitely solidified my title as NERD!  I can’t help it though.  I even had my buddy, LittleJ, go for a walk with me so she could marvel at its beauty.  She was a wonderful sport because her shoes have not come in yet so she walked the track with me in her combat boots.  Hahaha! And at each turn, as the moon got brighter and brighter, I just kept saying to myself that life is good!  It dang sure could be better, but it is GOOD!

I have always appreciated and loved the full moon season!  I miss calling my sister and asking her, “Hey, what does this moon mean?” I think I will email her right now and ask her.  I did ask a woman here who is an astrologer also, and she said it is a Scorpio moon.  But being my stubborn self, I want to hear it from my Sissy.

Tonight, I am thankful for the familiar, beautiful full moon!

One response to “The Full Moon…

  1. mllarose2000 says:

    Remember when we used to gear up & prepare everyone when there was a full moon? You always knew who was going to act out. Where ever we are, we are all looking at the same moon. Another way we all stay connected.

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