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All of the Inmates are Male or Drug Dealers or Users…

on November 22, 2013

There has been a lot of discussion about amending the laws that require mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for drug offenders.  I am not sure if anyone is noticing that there is little to no discussion about the increasing incarceration of females who pleaded guilty or plea-bargained to get reduced sentences for white collar crimes.  Yes it is important to me because I am in that category.

There are a percentage of us that are going unnoticed, we are invisible.  We are the first time offenders of non-violent, victimless crimes.  We’ve been convicted of crimes that were classified as fraud according to the convoluted government policies (see The Indictment of My Soul).  We are mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends.  Sitting her posing no threat to anyone, and truly never have.

As I write this blog sitting in the library with several other women, I just wish someone would hear our voices and understand that this is not going to solve any problems.  It only creates more problems for our system.

As I read the statements from the Director of the Board of Prisons from some type of recent Congressional hearing, I realize that once again, I am part of an invisible population and I know all too well how that works out.

I am not a male inmate or a druggie of any kind-dealer or user.  I am a professional woman who is educated, loving, caring, dependable, black, and should not be here.  I am once again a minority.

Life is so funny sometimes!  Whew!

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