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A Renewal or A Thought About New Beginnings

on November 21, 2013

November 10, 2013

7:00 am

Today is going to be one of those days…

I woke up feeling less than in the mood for this system!  I got up, followed my usual routine – minus the walk around the track.  At breakfast, I sat with a few of the women who, like me, are trying to grasp, make sense, or plain understand what the U.S. Justice system has done to them.  For me, I question the same thing, but in my life experience I have never seen the system as fair or just anyway.  So, I spent the next thirty minutes listening to how the system that they trusted, voted for, believed in whole-heartedly, has now treated them as an other-a criminal-and has labelled them as a felon.  Their tone continues to be one of total shock.  

They are hard-working, loving, caring, entrepreneurs. Like many middle-class women who wanted to be available for their husbands and children while still participating in achieving the American Dream, they loved the chance to be self-employed or to work in the real estate or finance field where one can work independently.  There are so many women, white women, who are here for white collar crime.  I am an African-American, highly educated, and I am a minority here.  It is interesting because these women immediately think that I will become uncomfortable and defensive if they speak about Obama or his policies.  My immediate reponse is, “I can’t give a damn about Obama racially; politically, his administration’s policies have directly affected me, my family, all of my employees, all of the foster kids and young adults I parented, and most importantly, my own 14 year old son.  I am as aware of that as I was during the prior administration.”  

My life as an educated, aware, African-American mother of a black male child, makes my whole life political.  From birth to death, politics will affect my life.  That is why I embrace the creative, compassionate, and resillient side of myself. I must in order to live a full, loving, life.  This is all nothing new, it is just different and extreme.

Being that they were wearing the same not-so-lovely green as me,  and aware that I am here for the same reasons they are…they got it!  They completely understood and empathized.  I have heard several people say over they past month, “I never would have known until now.”  

As I write this blog, I understand that there are many lessons that can and will be learned.  I just know that there has to be a better place to learn them! 

It is going to be one of those days!


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