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Three Weeks…

on November 16, 2013

November 5, 2013

I can’t say that I am having a nice time because that would be the overstatement of the century.  However, I can let it be known that if  you are a woman, even a middle-aged woman, who has worked hard all of your life,  a woman who has taken care of all who have needed your help, a woman of real purpose, and you still find yourself entangled in this crazy, cryptic Federal legal system…you will be fine.

I know when I first received my sentence and the certainty of my being incarcerated became real, I searched everywhere for answers to the questions:  Will I be safe?  Will I have privacy in the shower?  Will I even have privacy in the restroom?  What in the hell is going to happen to me?  Will I find anything I can eat in there?  How will I communicate with my family and friends?  After three weeks, I have to say that most of my questions have been answered.  In regards to my basic needs and my safety, I feel safe here.  I mean as safe as anyone can feel being locked up or fenced in and surrounded by three higher level prisons.

I do have additional concerns regarding the over-crowding in the camp.  Having 40 women housed in the multi-purpose room is not ideal and speaks volumes about the inefficient and ineffective way our system overuses incarceration and underutilizes any alternative sentencing options, by surprisingly, it is relatively calm and low-key in here.  At bedtime my trusty earplugs minimize the volume of the snoring symphony and the middle of the night, dreamy screams of “fuck you” from my neighbor.  Up to now, those have been the biggest social annoyances that are inherent to the multi-purpose room.

The beds, or cots pretending to be beds, reminds me that this is jail.  I would recommend getting some good sleep in your soft cozy bed before you come… will miss your bed.  Also, at this camp, steel toe boots are required attire.  They hurt like heck.  They are heavy and the new ones are stiff, painful, and cause bruises on your feet and ankles.  There is nothing you can do about it unless you have documented any severe feet issues in your PSI report.  They have forced many with aches and pains to wear them or face getting a write-up which is called a “shot.”

There are a few other areas that have come to my attention over the past three weeks, some I had not even thought of before arriving, and I will share more details about those as the weeks go by.  The take away from this post is that I am safe. Also, time continues to go by even when you are not having the kind of fun you are used to having with those you love!

One response to “Three Weeks…

  1. Susan Chandler says:

    It makes me wonder if the govt has a contract with a steel-toed boot manufacturer–a right-wing steel-toed boot manufacturer! love you!

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