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Ms. Nonna Y …

on November 11, 2013

When I approached “Nonna Y” about sharing her story, she was more than willing.  She is a wonderful family woman who has catalogued all of her husband’s emails in a binder. (So cute!) Her main concern, like most of us in here, is the extent of the harm this has caused her family.  She wrote her story for all of us and then realized she forgot to discuss her own personal feelings….typical for us women!  So, she was gracious enough to add that part to her story.  Her story has been added to a new page, “Their Stories.”  Please take a few minutes to read about my fellow-camper.

I want to thank Nonna Y for sharing and I also want to thank her for always smiling and offering a pleasant and loving hello or good morning.  It’s hard to say I will be sad to see someone leave from here so I will say I am glad she will be returning ast the matriarch to her family.  They are very luck to have her!

Good luck Ms. Nonna Y


2 responses to “Ms. Nonna Y …

  1. Patricia Artis says:

    How do I get to read “Their stories”? Did I miss a link?

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