The Felonious PhD.

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on October 30, 2013

October 22, 2013

Most of the unwritten rules and guidelines here are provided on an as-needed basis, which is pretty much ongoing, by the other women in the camp.  In our unit we have dubbed that pipeline of information  Now, the only problem with that source is that it may or may not always be dispersing facts.  It may be old news, which could lead you into some form of unintentional mischief that you could truly do without.

I stay keenly aware of what is being said at  Like most underground, newsworthy stations, most often, it actually is the real deal when it comes to how things are managed in this camp.  I have learned who is who, what to and what not to eat, when to shower, what to wear.  All from this valuable information source.

Thus far, most of the women are quick to tell anyone what not to do and if you do it anyway, what the consequence would be.  At times I have flashbacks.  Not the harsh kind that people with PTSD suffer with, but the kind that make you shake your head and say to yourself, “Is this for real? Am I dreaming because it feels like I’m in a group home just like the ones I used to run!”  It really feels as though I have stepped back in time.

When speaking to the women, many of them feel the same.  This process does not feel as much like a punishment for some of us as it does for others.  I try to keep in mind that I have been here a short time.  And, as the time goes by for me, soon I will also be part of the network!

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