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The T.V. Room….

on October 26, 2013

October 18, 2013-5:25 pm

One week here and I have learned a lot about the culture of camp living.  Not much is different in regards to how things are out in the community.  There are the same racial and ethnic divide issues here as there are anywhere else.  Because of the over-crowding in the camp, the t.v. rooms have been consolidated .  From what I have been told through news, there used to be a room that showed only Spanish channels, another room for just sports and news, and yet another room that typically had BET, Law & Order, or Wendy Williams on.  Now there are only two t.v. rooms and the other room, nicknamed the “fish bowl,” has four women housed in it.

The action in the tv room is ongoing…usually the battle is over which show to watch or where to put your chair.  Yes, it’s serious in there!  For once in my life I do not care to watch t.v.  It happens to be way too political to enjoy.  Whew!  As a result, I am using all of my free time to write and walk in circles on the track….oh, the irony!

The t.v. room requires a level of responsibility that I am not prepared to handle at this time.  So much information in only five days.  I am sure I will have many more lessons over the next 22-28 months.  The fortunate thing is that I am open and prepared mentally and emotionally.

How long do DVR’s store recordings….

3 responses to “The T.V. Room….

  1. mllarose2000 says:

    You are smart. You have other ways to occupy your time. You use this time when you have no other responsibilities to grow and look forward to when you are free. You have the intelligence to find other ways to occupy your time. Let me or Susan C. know which books you need and we will send them. You have work to do. Keep your focus on the work you need to do, so you will be prepared when you leave.

  2. Carita says:

    Haha that is a shame because there’s so much to watch on tv. Not!! I will DVR Black Girls Rick sister. Love you!

  3. Adrian Grace says:

    I love you momma. ..

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