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Fried Chicken Day….

on October 23, 2013

October 17, 2013

I woke up to a bright light at 5:40am.  The correctional officers turn on the lights to let everyone know it is time to rise and shine.  It reminds me of how they depict military barracks operations on television.

Breakfast, for me, consisted of coffee – instant coffee – no yummy hazlenut or vanilla creamer – but it’s not too bad even without that.  From there, I was assigned to work in the laundry which is fine and very familiar to me.  Laundry is nice, quiet, and relaxing.  I spent the morning there, routinely washing, drying and folding, until it was lunch time at ……10:30 am.  Yes, I wrote that correctly.  We eat lunch at 10:30am.  This is definitely a world unto itself.

Today’s menu was a camp favorite-fried chicken.  The line was exceptionally long for that fried chicken.  It reminded me of my time in the college cafeteria where every meal time was critical, lol.  One never missed a meal in college!

After lunch I had to report back to the OIC, Officer In Charge, to see if there was any work I could do.  My status remains at A&O, which means that I have not gone through Administration and Orientation, so I will not be assigned to a job until that is complete. Until then, I volunteer for whatever there is available to do in the moment… a day laborer, waiting in line at the union hall. So, until that process is complete,  I need to keep myself busy.  On days like this, I will write from noon to 2pm then go to the gym until 3pm then back to the unit.

As I live and observe this camp I cannot understand how this process is beneficial to me or many of the other women in here.    I will have to continue on my own quest for personal development and find a way to keep my mind stimulated.  I feel like I am already BORED!!

Loving my peeps from afar…..

2 responses to “Fried Chicken Day….

  1. Latonya Little says:

    Sister I know that something good is going to come out of this experience for you never thought that this would happen to someone who gives the shirt off their back someone who puts others before herself someone who is caring and loving we will see you soon only the strong can survive and that is you I love you sister

  2. Jim Spikes says:

    We think of you every day, and are so pleased to read your posts. I guess I’d rather you are bored than scared, but I hope you can find something to keep your mind occupied. Just remember we love you and will be waiting for you when you get out.

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