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Another Day Gone….

on October 20, 2013

October 16, 2013

I think it is true what people say about the time going by quickly as long as you keep yourself motivated and moving.

I am only on day three here and I honestly have to admit that it is not that bad.  Today was my commissary day, so I am very excited to have the most basic things in life.  Things such as lotion, a real toothbrush and toothpaste, and, whew, some hair gel.  Although the women here are all nice and willing to share any and everything they have, it is wonderful to have my own things.

I am sitting outside of the unit at a covered park bench-style table, writing.  To my left, there are four basketball courts which are empty and seriously calling my name-as soon as I get some workout shoes.  Around the basketball courts is a track where various women can be found walking throughout the day.  In front of me, on the patio, are five spinning cycles, that I have yet to see anyone ride.  Around the corner, music can be heard coming from the hip-hop aerobics class.  It is not too bad….I promise.  Yes I would rather be home with my family and friends, but if the government feels like this is where I need to be to enhance my writing skills and focus on my new beginnings-so be it.

I am anxious to get a regular job.  Tomorrow my goal is to pursue a job in the education department or with a company called Unicor.  Either way, I am told I will have to wait 30 days for orientation, so in the meantime, I will just try to find out who I need to talk to after my orientation is complete.

Staying positive, purposeful, and loving always….

One response to “Another Day Gone….

  1. Susan Chandler says:

    Hey, dear friend. I’m going to try writing letters (a lost art!). I treasure every entry from you. All is well here–I got approval to teach a one-credit social work course next semester: Mass Incarceration, Race, and Gender. I think I’ll teach it on three weekends during February. Of course my brain goes in the direction, is there any way Cassandra could participate????? hmmmmm. This week is the last meeting of the Jim Crow group. love, susan

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