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Sixteen Days and Counting Down!

on September 29, 2013

September 28, 2013-  Sixteen days and counting down.  I spent the day hanging with my kids, nieces, nephews and grandkids.  My son brought over my grand babies to hang out with me.  I know I may sound redundant a lot of times but I really am thankful.  I have such an incredible family and group of friends.  As each day and night tick away I start thinking about how my life will look them and how theirs will look without me, for 22 to 28 months.  I know I will have phone calls and letters, so it will not be a total disconnect, but I will not be physically present in their lives.  It really is a strange concept when i think hard about  it.  And those who now me, understand that I am a thinker,  i love to visualize the future.  I find myself thinking things like…. I wonder if this person will finish college?  I hope that person goes to college.  I hope this person does what makes her happy.  It will great if that person met someone nice.  Just little thoughts of discussions I have had for years with people regarding their love lives, careers and future.  It will be great see what happens.

When the sun went down, we ended a wonderful day with the kids playing hide and go seek.  It was a quiet and fun day.  The one thing I do know for sure is that my family and friends will all take care of each other like they have been there for me the past three years.



For that I am very Thankful!

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