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Eighteen Days and Counting Down!

on September 26, 2013

Today, I am travelling to my son’s football game.  This morning as I watched and listened to him go through his daily routine, I was once again faced with how much I am going to miss him.  Also feeling like this is going to be more emotional for  me than it will be for him.  I don’t like missing out on anything in his world.  I feel like I have sacrificed for so many other kids in my career and now I am putting him in the position to sacrifice, adjust, and adapt.  Seems unfair but it is my reality.  Fortunately he has a very loving, caring support system and it will be more about what I will miss.   I will miss him asking me to help with combing and brushing his hair.  I enjoy those moments even though he is now 14 years old and almost six-feet tall – I have to stand on a step stool to reach him.  I will miss him singing loudly – very, very loudly in the shower at 6 in the morning.  I will miss his silly stories that he tells in a loud voice to make sure everyone hears him.  I try not to focus on how much I will miss over the next 2 plus years, but instead be thankful that my constant presence in his life and active parenting has given him a very stable foundation.  He knows what is expected of him and now I am seeing that his dreams and goals are becoming more about what he wants for his life and less about, not making me angry.

For that I am Thankful!

3 responses to “Eighteen Days and Counting Down!

  1. Denise in Fresno says:

    You look terrific for having a 114 year old son! Praying for you friend.

  2. KimmyJ says:

    Everything you have instilled in him will now be put to work. I hate that you will miss every step of his world but I hope you know that your selfless acts and unwavering love for him he will understands and feels. The mother, woman, human that you are Sandy is in every one of us. What you have taught, wisdom spoken, and acts of unconditional love is what I will remember in supporting yummy and my babies.

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