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Nineteen Days and Counting Down!

on September 25, 2013

Okay, now shit is getting real! Whew!, down to the teens in the countdown numbers til the day I have to self surrender.  I decided to take a nice hot bath in my sisters cozy tub.  Trying to do that as much as possible since for the next 22 to 28 months I will be limited to showers.  Lately, I have been having a little anxiety about what I can bring with me.  The camp manual that is posted online was very informative.  But when I googled information I was getting different information.  So I decided to phone the facility this morning.  A young woman answered the phone, I explained to her that I was due to self-surrender and had a few questions.  She was very nice and explained to me that outside of a few things listed on the camp guidelines on the website.  I could only bring my Identification and the clothes on my back.  I asked about money and how I could place cash in my account so I did not have to wait a week or so.  She stated that I could western union cash to myself prior to self surrendering.  Now I know!

I have had many experiences in my life and they have all helped form the woman I am today.  So I don’t expect this part of my journey to be any different.   More to come…..

3 responses to “Nineteen Days and Counting Down!

  1. Christy shaw says:

    I feel we need a countdown of when camp is over not for when you leave for the group home(not anything Luke ours. Lol). Just saying.

  2. seekingGod says:

    Stay strong Lil’ Sis. Stay strong. Our prayers are with you. Love in Christ, Mark

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