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Twenty-Two day and Counting Down!!

on September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013  To prepare for my stay at the Victorville Camp, in November my 14 year old son and I moved out of our home and in with my baby sister.   I wanted to make sure he was stable and knew that he has the support of his aunties and his family.  Sitting here today I have to say that was the best move I could have made.  Not just for him, but for myself also.  Now as I prepare daily emotionally, spiritually and physically to leave, having the support of my sister has been incredible.  We have come completely full circle.  I raised my baby sister, took care of her when she was younger and now she has returned the favor.  Love it!  Okay there are things i still continue to do, such as cook.  I love to cook for several reasons, one because as I cook we are always engaged in talking and laughing.  Laughing is our main way of coping.  Yes, we love to cook and talk and laugh and eat.  

Preparing to leave in a few weeks, one of the things that has been on my mind is , what in the hell am I going to eat in there?  So, yesterday I woke up wanting some fried fish.  We ended up having a wonderful and delicious fish-fry.  I can cook some damn fish!  And oh, like my grandmother I love it when the kids eat it all up.  Currently we have a total of 9 young people in the house.  One an infant so her meals are from her mama. But the rest are thankful and ready for what is next.  Puts the biggest smile on my face.  So today I am preparing a pasta dish with some baked chicken.  

Right now there are several things in my life that are foreign to me and my way of being.  But I sure feel, grounded, connected, loved and nutured.  It makes me think about the importance of connection and having a sense of belonging.  I know that with my sisters no matter where I  am or the circumstances, i will always have a place to call home.  I love my four sisters, Mooneyes, Latonya, Beatrice and Carita.  Thanks lady for always being my VILLAGE!  I love you all.  

One response to “Twenty-Two day and Counting Down!!

  1. Carita says:

    Sister, you have always and will always be my inspiration.

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