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Twenty-Three days and Counting Down!!!

on September 21, 2013

I have been a  Foster Mom, Mentor, Friend and Counselor to well over 200 hundred kids in Child Welfare throughout my career.  The three year investigation and indictment took a major toll on my passion to work in and advocate for the Child Welfare System and Behavioral Health Profession.  Last night I recieved an inbox facebook message similiar to many I have gotten over the past three years, that reminded me once again that my love, dedication and commitment to love and serve others unconditionally will not go unnoticed.  Last night that message reassured me that my purpose over the past 27 years was well served and always will be.  Many  of the messages and comments of support that i have recieved from others has to do with their disbelief in the fact that I have been labelled a “felon”, and the impact that will have on my future.  Specifically my future in the field of Counseling and Child Welfare, where I have dedicated my whole lifes work.   I have to admit that most of their worries are warranted.  Because of the strict laws and background checks, my new label is a severe barrier.  

So, all i can say to all, is that I will find another career path.  One that I am just as passionate about.  One that will allow me to love and give hope to others unconditionally.  One that will provide a space for me to laugh abundantly.  I want to say thanks to O.J. for your message last night.   

2 responses to “Twenty-Three days and Counting Down!!!

  1. crimedivas says:

    I was so excited to connect to your site, after you leaving a message on CrimeDiva. It is so important for individuals, especially females who have been through the legal ordeal of white-collar crime, whether guilty or not to know that there is still purpose for your life and your passion for life can still be fulfilled, perhaps not as mainstream as before, but don’t give up and don’t allow others to make that decision of what you are and what you can do. Keep your head up and your eyes and heart focus on your purpose. . . . I have not read all your posts, but just reading this one provides enough. Contact me anytime!

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